Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wilted, or End of Day Prayer

Wilted, or End of Day Prayer
pen and acrylic paint on antique book page
13/100 in 100 Creative Challenge, 6/22/10

This is a drawing of wilted, dying roses, inspired by this photo on Cakies. I was inspired by the wrinkled lushness of the petals laying on top of each other, as well as the teal background.

What that did was induce me to pick up my paints again.

I really do love the sensual pleasure of paintbrush on paper or canvas. I forget about that until I start painting, and then I can't stop.

Well, I did stop, but still, maybe it will make me more likely to pick up the paints again. I do kind of like the limited palette of the series of prayer paintings I'm doing, but then again, I happen to love blue and the whole neutral color, black, white and blue color scheme has definitely been on my mind lately.

What I'd really like to do is find a way to display these things without damaging them.

Maybe what I need to do is string up some line and get some clothes pins or bull dog clips and have a rotating collection of my art.

When I figure it out, I'll post a picture.

As to the Wilted theme. That's how I feel often at the end of day. But I am trying to keep myself just from collapsing. I am trying to get more productive once the kids go to sleep, without adding to the stress and anxiety. Things like fresh strawberry margaritas may help. Or listening to classic jazz. Or watching sweeping movies on tv. Or picking up a paintbrush.


JES said...

What do you mean by "display these things without damaging them"? Aren't they just like any other paper-based paintings, as far as display options go?

(Or, hmm, are you painting both sides of each page?)

Rowena said...

I have this vision of tacking the drawings up to the bare wall. Pins. Nails. Tape. Not sure what I'd use.

I know, I know, I should frame them, but I don't have that urge in me with these pieces. They'd be lovely each one in a frame, but I see them as a wall full. A kind of installation, I guess.

JES said...

Maybe some kind of laminate, at least, to keep 'em protected? If you had it on the back as well as the front you could use self-adhesive tape without endangering the pages themselves.

If you do the complete wall installation, please offer photos here!

Rowena said...

I don't know if I want to laminate it, but you just gave me the idea that mounting tape... used for taping images inside of a mat might work. Unfortunately, my mounting tape is in a box in florida. So I'll have to go shopping for this one.

Oh, and when I do "install" it, I will post pictures.

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