Saturday, December 13, 2008

Robot Doll At Last

This is the first stages of the robot doll. First we have the painting, then we have the sketch, and the modifications of the Martha Stewart doll design, then we have my own pattern, on graph paper. I'm not a sewer, I'm a messer. I'm messing around with fabric here, and doing it all wrong, I am sure.
And this is the evidence that I was doing it all wrong. Well, that's what I thought. There were times when I was SURE this robot doll was a lost cause. The stitching is a horror. It looks more like Frankenstein than a robot. I could not figure out how to attach the feet and hands to make them look like a robot, not a poppet.

Then I went on to etsy and searched robot softie to see how other crafters had dealt with the issue.

Turns out, none of them did anything as elaborate as I was trying to do. I mean I was trying to MAKE softie wheels to add to the legs. Crazy. I sewed them and stuffed them and pinned them to the legs and ran screaming in horror.
In the end, I just sewed the arms and legs closed and added felt wheels for the feet and felt clamps for the hands and a felt face and a felt chest plate, and there was my robot.

Did I say it already? Simplicity is best.

Remind me about that when I am twisting my plotlines in my novel.


Jul said...


KathrynAntyr said...

This is fabulous. I'm not a sewer at all. I think if I attempted this it would fall apart within moments of making it. Great job.

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