Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cape Cod Double Portrait (finished?)

Cape Cod Double Portrait (finished?)
Golden Fluid Acrylic on Canvas, 16"x20"

I think I got it.

I really needed to sit and look at it for a while.

I wanted to keep the simplicity and abstract qualities, but it felt so unfinished. Just felt like an underpainting. Even the kid told me it wasn't done.

Maybe I'll check with him after nap is over and find out his critique.

By the way, "nap" is a euphemism.

He's just locked up in his room, looking at the Toys R Us circulars, running around his room like a robot/dinosaur/superhero, and occasionally coming out to yell, "pee pee!" and stripping off his pants on the way to the potty. Luckily Ivy can sleep through this.

Wait, it's been about 10 minutes since I heard a crashboombang coming from his room. Just like it always gets darkest before the dawn, it always gets louder before the crash up there. I think he's out. Sounds like he didn't wake up Ivy with his last ditch effort to resist The Nap, so I have maybe a half hour to an hour before she wakes up.

I believe that means mama gets a shower, after all.

edited to add: The boy says it's good now. I swear. I can't believe his artistic sensibility. Sure, I encouraged it, but it's all his. Children are amazing.


Squirrel said...

Beautiful. I love the way their clothes meld.

Anonymous said...

so soft. Great work!

Jena Strong said...

You are amazing, too. I LOVE this one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Amazing children. I'm not surprised.

KathrynAntyr said...

I check in with my son on all of my projects. I love his candor and perspective. Your painting has a feeling of a lost moment that was captured. It looks like it is filled with lots of warm memories.

jess gonacha said...

oh rowena, i LOVE THIS ONE! seriously, there's something about it that's hitting me just right. i love it. it's beautiful.

Natasha said...

Gorgeous - artwork, children, your spirit. I am always inspired

Rowena said...

This couple has been together for FIFTY years. Can you believe it? The painting was inspired by the colors of the photos I had, and by that very idea that they have been together so long, they are almost one person. Thus the clothes melding.

Thank you for all the compliments, you've reinforced my satisfaction with it. It's still sitting in my living room, and when I look at it, I still love it. I hope the couple loves it too.

Perhaps I will continue to do more with this style. I remember when I tried to do that imagined portrait of my kids, I think this is what I was hoping for.

carin.c said...

Very cool portrait... I can't see how they would not love this! Very unique!!

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