Friday, December 12, 2008

In Process: Cape Cod Double Portrait

In Process: Cape Cod Double Portrait
Golden Fluid Acrylic on Canvas 16"x20"

Some of you may remember the study I was working on a little while ago. Well, here's the real painting. I am extraordinarily relieved that the client picked the second layer of the painting. I really liked the more abstract version, rather than the one with more detail.

So here I am, with the simple painting.

I do not think it's done. It still needs some work, but I think I just need to spend some time on the simplicity.

I am resisting going off on a different tack, one that has to do with subtly patterned backgrounds.

I have noticed that I have a tendency to want to complicate things... like I was doing with the robot doll, who is still to come. But simplicity is often the best. So I am going to remember to relax and let the flat color blocks to stay and be simple. Like air and seagrass.

Darn it. My three year old just came up to me and said it was too plain and needed "more painting." Now he wants "more blue." "More white." "More black."

I said, "Haven't you ever heard of Rothko?"

He just laughed. "Wofcho. Hehehe."

Damn. I'm raising an art critic.


Kate Lord Brown said...

I love it. Kids are the toughest critics - my little girl is always telling me off for my 'messy' (ie, grown up, sprawly) handwriting!

Lorrie Veasey said...

I can't remember which artist it was who was asked what the difference was between smething like a Kandinsky or a Pollock and some painting by a kindergarten-and the artist answered that the genius lay simply in knowing when to stop.

Kathryn Costa said...

Your son is right! What good instincts he has.

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