Friday, May 28, 2010

The Woods are Full of Wildflowers (and bugs)

The Woods are Filled with Wild Flowers

and they smell divine!

I only have a moment to post here. I know this is a holiday weekend and so many of you have delightful plans, exploring and enjoying, traveling and cozying. I wanted to wish you all a good weekend.

Maybe you can find a roadside wood filled with purple flowers, and finally, after saying, "I should stop and take pictures" a million times as you pass, actually put your boots on and tromp through the high grass. Stand in the shade, with the weeds waving around you in the breeze, breathe in the sweetness of the flowers, blink at the patches of bright sun. And really live right there in the moment.And if you brought with you a boy who wants to go explore the creek and find slugs and bugs and other creepy crawlies, and a girl who does not like having weeds taller than her head with spiders and other creepy crawlies and just wants to go home... well it's all part of the moment. To be lived, armful of flowers and whining three year old included.

Well I'm off to work three doubles this weekend. And then when I I'm not moving, move to a new apartment down the street.

I get the feeling this will not be a wildflower weekend for me. Although it will be full of adventure.

I guess it's all about living the adventure you're given.

Happy Holiday!


Brooke said...

"living the adventure you're given." so true! have a wonderful weekend, however it comes to you! :)

Ann Flower said...

Wow....these wild flowers looks awesome. No matter they are wild but they looks beautiful.

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