Monday, May 31, 2010

Every Exit Is...

Every Exit Is
taken on my trusty, go everywhere Casio Exilim.

I hope your weekend is going well. I myself am not having a holiday, but I find I don't mind, because rather than the once a year Memorial Day weekend of barbecues and fireworks, parades and lake houses, I've got a once in a lifetime (or perhaps a very great while) chance to start all over again.

We're moving today.

We have a lease on a new house, and today is the day.

We've been busy running around Michigan, exploring Ann Arbor, Chelsea and all the various thrift stores and yard sales in the environs. Packing up. Buying essentials. Organizing. Planning.

Yesterday we had Ice Cream and I would have had pictures of that, but I forgot to check my camera batteries. Ooops. Forgot to plan that.

Anyway, I don't have a lot of painting or sculpture or craft projects to show you because, well, I'm too busy. So most of my creativity is going into photography and imagining what I could do with those circus striped Ralph Lauren sheets from Value World. (In case you were wondering, curtains for the kids' bedroom!)

I also don't know when I will be getting full time access to the internet. We have an appointment for Friday, but who knows? Until then, I suppose I can visit the library down the street, or the various cafes with internet access. But I wanted to say I might be missing for a while. Do not fear if you can't find me... I will be setting up the new place.

As for the photo above...
"Every exit is an entrance somewhere."
-Tom Stoppard

I might have misquoted him, but the sentiment is correct. We're leaving our old set up, which has been pretty good for us, and moving on into the unknown... but perhaps a future that is closer to one of our own making.

I am certainly excited about the various plans I have, both for the new house, and for my creative empire (insert evil laugh). Now all I have to do is get internet in my house.

Diner, Surreptitious Shot

And this is where the exit of the first picture enters. A don't-fuck-with-me diner in Ann Arbor. Sorry I can't remember the name of it. But the bathroom was grungy, the waitress was surly, the sausage was greasy, but the omelet was a Greek delight, the checkerboard tile was endlessly fascinating, the silver exterior was swooningly delicious, and the Spring air made it all worth it as we sat at the sidewalk table and had brunch-- before diving into the Salvation Army down the street.

Now, I really should go pack up all my clothes because I've left it to the last minute.

Oh, but I can't go yet.

I do have a painting to show you!. I showed a sneak peek a while ago. For the finale, go to Magpie Girl and see my fabulous new circus girl!

See you around.


Leaves and Feathers said...

Hi there! I hope that your move went well! Thanks for your comment about our family mural. I agree about wanting to step it up from Crayola with the materials, although I will say that they definitely have the market on "washable" art supplies, so that is appealing. I love to get normal adult watercolors for my kids, the colors are so much more saturated that the kid's stuff and watercolor doesn't usually stain. The brand we are using now is Peacock, but I'm sure there are lots of good ones!
Fun to connect with you here!

jena strong said...

I love that Tom Stoppard quote.

Here's to greasy spoons and easy moves and building empires.


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