Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wandering Down Mainstreet

One day last week, I had a couple of free hours, all to myself. Unscheduled, between this commitment and that commitment, and I...

I well did this and that. Nothing that had to be productive. Nothing that took care of anyone or cleaned up or was responsible. Nothing that was about being a mom, or even being a writer or being an artist. No work whatsoever. Of any kind.

I went to the library. I browsed online. I had some lunch. I looked at flowers and the clouds in the sky. I took a photo, holding the camera off to the side, not caring what it turned out to look like.

I just went with it, as the storm rolled in and I walked down the street. I said, what the heck why not? Click.

And I captured myself, in transit, and yet free, just a little. Abstract, reflected in an empty store window. And there's the storm, blowing in. And I'm on my way somewhere, but not there yet.

Just a moment, between this one and the next, but complete, all on its own, and not dependent on anything else but the now.

1 comment:

Leigh Shulman said...

It seems there's been a shift in your writing and tone since the last time I was here (too long since I last visited).

This is such a beautiful piece.

Have you seen the This Is My Day series on Matador? I think this would be perfect for it.

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