Thursday, May 20, 2010

Learn To Fly

Little Nest, Little Family
paper clay. Itty bitty birds, eggs and nest. (all removable)

Is this how we grow? Sometimes?

Sometimes we don't have to be big and bold and daring. Sometimes we need the comfort of our families. The comfortable nest. The dependability of the sun coming up every morning over the same tree branches.

Sometimes we need someone to tell us, yes. Stay. This is your place. You can live here, and take sustenance, and learn to fly.

We always think that the only way to grow, to get bigger, to explore who we are is to jump right out and start taking huge leaps... but I can't help but think that if there isn't something stable and secure where we can start out, it's awful hard to learn to fly.

Sometimes we need our family to support us in our dreams.

Sometimes we need to support our own dreams, our own identities, and our own fragility.

Do you have someone supporting your dreams, encouraging you to be bigger than you are?

More importantly... do you support yourself-- not in the pursuit of your dreams but in your very existence? Are you kind to yourself for your flaws, your struggles, your failures? Do you love and respect where you are right now, right here... before your dreams come true, before you get bigger, while your wings are still too small to fly?


little sheep said...

beautiful post! i love the details in the nest...

Rachelle Mee-Chapman said...

I've been thinking a lot along these lines Rowena, and your words are helping me form my thoughts.

There's a big push out there to pursue your BIG DREAMS. And I'm a totally cheerleard for pursing your dreams. But as a chronic pain survivor, my dreams are small in flash and size than what many would consider BIG. And yet, they are big to me. I want to honor them.

Plus, small steps are neccessary to meet dreams of any size. And focusing on big sometimes keeps us stuck.

Thank you for this beautiful image. It helped capture things for me.

Small is Beautiful.



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