Monday, May 10, 2010

The Lady Lost Her Head (and her boots)


The lady Who Loves Boots did not work out! She lost her head. She lost her boots.

Sometimes when you use your intuition, when you try to learn as you go, when you experiment with new media (paperclay) or new techniques... well, it just doesn't work out.

But that's okay.

Part of living creatively is accepting the bumps in the road where everything falls apart and your path seems to be stopped.

Part of being on this path of creativity, and joy, is to not just live with the failures and challenges and stumbles, but to actually make something wonderful out of them.

Now, can I fix the Lady Who Lost Her Head and Her Boots? I don't know. It looks pretty dire for her. Maybe I can, but whether I actually use her physically or not, I have still learned some lessons. Paper Clay must be molded all in one piece. Additions don't stick well. Paper clay dried out very quickly while you work, so must be kept moist. Paper clay and it's texture needs a special touch with the modeling and carving. I still have more to learn. I am still working my way towards dolls and figures with this new medium. I think. Maybe not.
(W)hole Heart
about an inch, more or less, paperclay

Right now, I am sticking to simple shapes. Learning how the material works and what I can do with it. I'm enjoying making small charms, like this (W)hole Heart.

I kind of feel like this (W)hole Heart fits with this lesson today of trying, failing, and continuing on with the lesson. This heart has a hole, you see. It's lost something, it's been broken, perhaps, but it is still whole. It is still going. It is still beautiful.

Life lessons, in my opinion.

Our failures are very often gifts-- if we can have the perspective enough to see what we have gained, what we have learned, and how we have grown through the losses.


Jackie said...

I love this post. I also can totally relate. When I tried to make a prayer box my head broke:(. Also my first paperclay over cloth doll was a brutal lesson but I learned alot from her and plan to do more now.I also learned that if it isn't thick enough it will break and make sure it dries between layers of adding .

JES said...

Now, can I fix the Lady Who Lost Her Head and Her Boots?

Well... I know you're working in softer materials nowadays, but maybe you can wire the three pieces together -- separate, dangling loosely, but still one piece. Little tiny drill/Dremel holes at bottom of head, top and bottom of torso, top of boots. Sorta like a big (solo) dangling earring.

(Demonstrating once again my willingness to make work for other people when I can't do it for myself!)

nanke's stuff said...

I do love paperclay, but there's a definite learning curve. Your little lady is very charming, in spite of herself! nancy

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am right there with you. Lovely. Your images and your words, sharing the experience with us...

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