Monday, May 03, 2010

Miracle of Miracles: A Shop Update!

Look what I've done this weekend!

No, not make stuff. I did photo editing and finally got some of my back log of new things into my shop. I know, not paintings, but the world is not made of paintings alone.

I love all these things. I wouldn't put them in my shop, if I didn't.

The flying girl blessings are all so meaningful. Thank the Rain for Falling (black and white) is one of my favorites. I love the way the lizard felt and button thread made it feel somehow both substantial and subtle. This is Where Love Resides (white painted) was a revelation, when I turned a disliked cotton Flying Girl into one that spoke to me. Perhaps my personal lesson there was that we can turn our less that stellar circumstances into a life filled with joy and love. And then there is I Am as Open as the Night Sky, which is actually the very first Flying Girl I did in three dimensions. And somehow, still, the sentiment of being as open as the night sky is a reminder to me to say yes, to not close myself off... a lesson I really need sometimes.

And I use my Borgia Book all the time. In fact the "Say Yes" drawing was done in it. Mine is the one with the orange dot in the picture. All the others are for sale in the shop, in order-- Bloom, Spin Your Web, Star Being Born, and The Raindrops.)

Some of these things, the Borgia Books in particular, I haven't really posted about. I love them. They came out of going back to work at a restaurant. I wanted somewhere to put my thoughts while I was working, something unobtrusive that I could keep in my pocket or apron. Something that could collect my positive thoughts. So I whipped them up and named them after my first job waiting tables... Cafe Borgia, in Greenwich Village, when I was just out of college and burning to be a poet.

I also wanted to post these things because having a shop update is a triumph for me. I seem to have so little time to tend that sort of thing, that when I commit to getting it done, it seems like an accomplishment. Fine, it's not that big a deal, right? It's not that creative, but it's a lot of work. And fine, I didn't get all of the things listed that I wanted to... I still have to edit and list all of my pins, but... I did this.

So I'm paying attention to what I did, instead of just what I still have to do.

Don't forget to pay attention to your own accomplishments. Reward yourself. Remind yourself that you are achieving things, you are moving forward. It makes it easier to keep going and to enjoy what you have done.

Click the titles of the pieces to go to my shop where you can also find original paintings and drawings. (Prints will be returning soon!)

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