Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teddy Bear Finger Puppets for the Kids

Bear Bear Finger Puppet
32/100 in 100 Days Creative Challenge
Felt, thread.

This little guy is a puppet I based off of my son's teddy bear, we call him Bear Bear round these parts. I put a little ring at the top, so he could be worn from a necklace or hung on the wall like a decoration.
Pink Bear Finger Puppet
33/100 in 100 Days Creative Challenge

Of course, once I made one for the boy, I had to make one for the girl. So this is Pink Bear. It is based off of her favorite Care Bear. Thus the rainbow on her chest. Just so you know, the rainbow was much harder to do than the heart.

Finger puppets are pretty fun to do. It's almost like drawing with felt. I considered making this little guy into a tiny stuffed animal, stuffing it and closing up the bottom, but then I thought I would need to sew it in three parts, to make the roundness, rather than just two little shapes for the front and back.

Anyway, these wouldn't be very sturdy, since the arms and legs are just cut pieces of felt, with no stitching for reinforcement. But then, not everything has to last forever. And sometimes we do things just for fun, or just for experimentation.

I did make a bunch of finger puppets for the kids for Christmas this year. Really they could be anything at all.

Actually, I think the boy asked for a finger puppet theater. Uh oh. Any ideas on how to make a finger puppet theater?


Internet business at home automated system said...
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Lis said...

I love these little guys! How fun. What a great idea for holiday presents (if only I could actually begin making x-mas gifts NOW, then I might get everything done!)

Fingerpuppet theater ... well, I'm not handy with hammer and nails, so i would go the traditional shoe box route. Actually, any box on its side could be transformed with paint and glue and your imagination!

I love all that you do here ... so inspiring!

xo Lis (coming over from CED)

Hybrid J said...

Your sewing work is getting better and better and I'm loving these cute little "beings". ;)

Thank you for sharing such whimsical work! ;D

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