Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back to School and A Little Spacey

The set of Space Toys I created for G for Christmas: Rocket, Astronaut, two robot finger puppets, Alien and Spaceship (the alien comes out) and a Laser Shooter.
Made out of felt and cotton fabric.

Last night, I dreamed I was back in college again. Yes attending college, not as a 19 year old, but as a 39 year old. S and the kids were with me, even.

All morning, I was wondering why I have these recurring dreams of being back in college, attending way after I have my bachelors and even after my masters. I have these dreams often enough that when I'm sleepy or perhaps have a little head cold (like today) sometimes I get confused and think I've actually spent an extra year or two in college, as an adult and a student.

It's bizarre.

And then after some wondering and despite the head cold that clouds my brain, I realized (there's that word again) that perhaps I have these dreams when I am embarking on a new lesson to learn. When I am engaged in learning new skills, opening up new worlds, researching new steps... basically growing.

In order to realize my dreams, I am going to need to expand my education.

Just because it won't be on a traditional campus does not mean it won't be an education.

Ah, life, the ultimate teacher.

Does this mean life is going to hand me a syllabus to follow? I wouldn't mind, it would help me to know which way to go... oh wait... that is exactly what my little Realize Journal is attempting to do.

See, now, you can take the girl out of the Federation of Teachers, but you can't take the Teacher out of the girl.

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