Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flowering Abundance and Saying Yes To Life

Flowering Abundance, or Yes
Acrylic paint, pen, paperclay
29/100 in 100

Here's a new charm. Painted on a hand shaped paperclay pendant.

I've been looking for some good fortune, some luck, some blessings. And so,because of that, I've decided to create some abundance to send out into the world.

The way I look at it, if I send good luck and fortune out to other people, I can't help but get some back. I am making good things happen in the world. I have a tendency to be a little stingy, to hold onto my time or my energy and not give it out, afraid that I won't have more. But I think this world doesn't really work that way. When you put something out there, it comes back. You don't hold onto your love, keeping it to yourself, and expect to get love in your life. In order to have love, you have to give it away.

On one hand, I am thinking of this charm as a kind of lucky charm, a spell, an item infused with good will which can only help draw good energy to itself and its bearer.

On the other hand, when I create something infused with that good will, for abundance or love or understanding or whatever it is, I am also focusing my attention on those good things. I pay attention to them. The act of creating something around the good will causes good will to be born in me. I am more abundant, or loving, or understanding.
back of the charm. Or I suppose front, if you hang it this way.

So let me tell you what I have learned by creating all these pieces of art with abundance at their heart.

Abundance is about creating. Abundance is about loving what you have. Abundance is about using what you have. Abundance is about respecting who you are and where you are. Abundance is about trusting yourself and trusting life. Abundance is about saying yes to the life you have been given. Which is why this piece says "yes."

And here's another yes for today.

I started working on my novel for the first time in forever. For good reasons, a new job, a move, a new house, family obligations, and daily child care, I have not been able to get back to revising my novel. But writers write, despite all the good reasons not to.

So today, I said, "Hey honey, I'm going to go to the library with my lap top, book a study room and get back to work on my novel. Just pretend that I was going to work today. I'll be back around 2 to relieve you in the child care duty."

And he said yes. And he said that we could do this on a regular basis. And he said we would work out a schedule where I could dedicate my time to writing every day or however would work for me.

So I walked the two blocks to the library, and the kids and S came with me, and we ran into the farmer's market in the parking lot of the library, where the kids made pipe cleaner bead bracelets and S got green beans and zucchini.

And then I left them to their adventure and sat down with my novel. Deleting the first chapter (it was a mess) and revising the prologue and the first 8 pages over and over again. It wasn't easy, but I think I am working through some of the tangles that have been stopping me in the story all along. Then I left the library, borroying some movies and running into the book sale at the library. There I bought a bag of books, mostly old favorites that I've lost in the various moves or are still in storage a thousand miles away. And I only spent the money that I would have spent on my treat of coffee.

Here's another thought on abundance.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up with the thought of money, the fear of not having enough, the desire to get more, that we forget that abundance does not really come from having money.

What do you think about abundance and how we find it? Is there anything that works for you?

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