Sunday, July 11, 2010

Joyful Heart and the Living

Joyful Heart Charm
Paperclay, acrylic paint and ink
30/100 in 100

How do we go from worrying about a million little (or big) things a day, to paying attention to the little (and big) things that we are living?

I'm not sure. I keep drawing pictures and making charms and writing lists to remind me. I keep taking photos, some digital, some mental. I keep remembering to take deep breaths and let them out again.

A joyful heart helps, I think. A heart in search of joy. A heart that expects joy. A heart that sings and dances and laughs. A whole person that sings and dance and laughs is good, I think.

Sometimes when things get rough and I get uncertain and I have no control over the matter, I start singing show tunes, or 80's pop songs. It's so ridiculous that it makes me laugh. And then I get silly.

What do you do to open your heart to joy? How do you let your joyful heart fill your life with living. Or is it your living that fills your heart with joy?


Lola said...

I love this question because it can serve as a reminder when things don't go well. I love fresh squeezed orange juice, hot chocolate or a warm shower. Those are more calming things so they give me more of a quiet joy.

I also listen to 80's music too: Pixies, Erasure, Cure, Psychedelic Furs! HA.

And having the Golden Girls in the background!

Hybrid J said...

Love this joyful heart charm of yours. I guess to maintain a joyful heart also means to be aware and alert of all the little joyful moment in our every day life ...

Thanks for sharing such gentle thoughts.

P.S. I also love the YES charm and drawings on old book pages from your previous posts.

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