Thursday, July 01, 2010

Three Mixed Media Drawings, A Creative Evening

"Who are you?" or Prayer for a Butterfly
Ink, Watercolor Pencil and Acrylic Paint on antique book page.
26/100in 100 creative challenge, 6/30/10

Yesterday I came down with a cold and moped around all day feeling exhausted and blue.

However, the night before that, I had a little creative engine going. I watched my So You Think You Can Dance, and I watched my Work of Art Bravo show, and I sat there and made art all night long until my hands ached and my back complained.

Now, granted, I shouldn't have kept it up until my body creaked, but it felt good to create. This was one of my favorite pieces from last night.

It's based on a self portrait I did a little while ago, but this time on the old Wonderland papers. I don't know why I chose to do this, but I just know it felt right. And the shirt was crying out for this scalloped peacock like pattern. So that's what I did. The title comes directly from the text on the page.

This isn't the same kind of botanical inspiration as I've been doing, but perhaps that's where the scallops comes in. It references back to the botanical feel.
A Little Girl, or Prayer for Becoming
Ink, Watercolor Pencil and Acrylic Paint on Book Page

I did this one first, also inspired by a photo I took of myself. I don't know what my intention was, I just had the urge to draw the silhouette. Again the words came from the text. Oh, Alice and her strange adventures.

Actually, with this one, I added the floral pattern after I did the previous drawing. Maybe this one should have a later number. Oh well. But yes, the floral pattern was inspired by the scallop pattern. Except, oddly, I reversed the colors and used brown for the scallop design and blue for the inside. It completely changed the feel of the pattern. Isn't that interesting? I think I like the blue design with brown inside better, but hey, there is the magic of color and pattern, I guess. Plus, scallops in a circle look like dahlias.

A Moment of Silence, or Prayer for Contentment
acrylic paint and watercolor pencil on vintage book page
24/100 in 100 creative challenge 6/30/10

This is the first painting/drawing I did on my busy night. It is not my favorite, perhaps that is why I almost did not show it, but I know where the inspiration came from. This is something like what I saw this morning when I took my shower. It's the pattern of water droplets on the shower curtain with the light coming through them.

Like I said, this is not my favorite piece, but I look at it and see where the inspiration for the scallops in blue and brown and white came from.

The creative process is interesting. Sitting down and doing a bunch of work is also interesting. It's like there is a visual document of your thought processes. Or maybe it's not all about thought. Maybe it's about the subconscious. Or feelings. Or just the mysterious connection of random memories, observations, and physical realities.

I don't know what it is. But here it is.

I recommend a creative session for everyone. All it takes is some time without other commitments and you, surrounded by art supplies, unfinished projects and lists of things you want to create, something fun and not too engrossing on the television or stereo, and the time and space to create whatever comes to mind.


Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

I'm so looking forward to a creative session this weekend. Your work is inspiring me to move!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Ahhh! Ahh! AHHHH! Rowena, the combination of your self-portait and the magical words underneath is AWESOME. I saw the tiny picture over on Facebook and immediately had to pop over because the image was so magnetic. I think you've really hit on something here.

I've been loving your other illustrations on the text, too, but this one...ooh wow.

Querulous Squirrel said...

Just catching up. I haven't visited for awhile. Loved your self-portraits as well as the prayers.

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