Monday, July 19, 2010

Prayer Installation, DIY Yarn and Push Pin Display

Prayer Installation

Here's my first attempt at getting my little Prayer series up on the wall. I created a yarn and push pin grid of sorts, using a ruler and a level.

I kind of wish I had made it smaller, because there's all this empty space and I think it would look better if the string wasn't sticking out so much from the drawings, but it was too much of a pain to measure and pin and measure and pin, so I left it the way it was. But measuring it wide like this allows for more flexibility. So here I can move the pieces around like a gallery, sell some if I wish and replace with others. I I can fill it up with even more of the pieces, which I kind of like the idea of. And I do want it to be less skimpy. I want it to be large and encompassing. I also still think that I would have liked it if I had just pinned each piece to the wall with a thumbtack or a nail, but you know, something in me won't allow me to commit to that particular display style.

I still have more blank pages, although I haven't done any of the prayers in very long. I've been working on all sorts of other projects. But I might like to do a few more, fill up my wall.

Filling up the walls is a good thing, because my newly moved into house still feels unfinished without art up. I am imagining large pieces, bold dramatic statements. Why don't I put up some of my old work? I don't know. I am feeling torn about it. Much of it seems to intimate to my personal taste and process and girliness to be put in my living room with a real live man watching baseball and falling asleep on the couch and stuff.

Maybe as time goes on, I can add in certain pieces of mine. When I have other art up on the walls to play off of it. When I have picked which ones feel right in which spaces. When I have good frames for them. Also, when there's other stuff up, so it doesn't just feel like a gallery of Ro.

Maybe a gallery of Ro isn't a bad idea, but I'm a little hesitant at this juncture to turn my abode into the gallery of Ro.

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Hybrid J said...

I'm loving your prayer pages and the clever DIY display. Will try to construct the display as I've got some drawing which I've been wanting to hang.

Thank you for sharing such brilliant idea! ;D

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