Thursday, July 08, 2010

Swirly Charm, or Spinning Wheels

Swirly Charm or Spinning Wheels
Paperclay, pencil, Pitt artist pen, acrylic ink
28/100 in 100

This is my first attempt at doing something with all the little paperclay pieces I have from before. All those lovely little white blanks just waiting for attention. I drew on it and painted it according to whim, really. I suppose it's part of the process, this piece. Maybe it's not a winner in and of itself.

Now, I actually really like the white, but I wanted to try something new. I don't even know if this piece is done. I need to add some varnish, but I am waiting to do the varnishing until I have a whole batch of things to be varnished. It is hard to decide what to do with each piece, actually. Leave white. Paint. And then what to do with them when they are done? Do I make something out of them? Do I just put the little pieces up for sale in my shop individually? Do I let my kids play with them and end up with them under my couch and behind the bookshelves?

Sometimes I worry too much about the long term possible results and end up spinning my wheels. Or I worry about not having the time to finish and never get started. Well that's the same spinning, I guess.

I've got another paper clay piece working that I like better than this one. Another charm, but this one I made with the specific goal of painting it. I've been a little busy though, with a young man's fifth birthday, so I haven't really had time to finish it.

But this is part of living a creative life, isn't it? The living of it? Well, perhaps not the Chuck E Cheese part of it, that is creatively deadening, but the rest? The adventure, the interaction, the cake baking, the love... that either feeds the creativity or is part of the creation.

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Natasha said...

I've REALLY missed you!! How are you???? I have been taking a spin through all of your amazing work..your art is growing, expanding...I love all the experimentation you are doing...I LOVE this charm and right now you don't need to know what to do just keep have magic in your hand!! xoxoxo

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