Friday, July 23, 2010

Failure, Flying Girl, and Faith

Flying Girl Charm and Press
35/100 in 100 days creative challenge

Here is my not so success. The more difficult polymer clay, the unfamiliar reverse kind of work, the struggle of working with new tools, the miniature nature of it all.

I don't like the way it turned out.

But I am not giving up. I am both trying to fix the current press/mold and create a new one that might make a better charm. I am reversing the relief, innie to outie, and making it more delicate.

But I do not know if it will turn out right.

It's a lot like life, I think. It's not like a painting, where you can see the results of your action as soon as you put the paint on the paper. With this reversed press or whatever it's called, I don't know the technical term, you never know what the results will be until you carve it, bake it, make a new charm and let that dry. And maybe even paint or varnish it. I haven't gotten to that point yet.

You have to have faith that your work will be worth it. You have to have faith that all your hard work will come to something good.

Sometimes it is hard to keep that faith, to keep struggling with your goals, hoping that things will work out in the end. But you have to keep going, don't you? If your dreams are worth it, you keep going.

Are your dreams worth it? Do they mean that much to you? And if, in the end, you don't ultimately succeed with the results that you envision, will the journey have been worth it?

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