Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Log and Map Making

My little project log sheet.... so I can keep track of how my projects are going, and if I am ignoring something... like myself.

I've been thinking lately about how I manage the ups and downs of life.

I don't know if I would manage so well if I didn't have my creativity to, not only sustain me, but also to figure it all out.

The benefit of the creative habit. You look for new solutions. You look for new ways to see old problems. You look for connections between things. You look for cause and effect. You look for harmonies and dissonances.

I find that I've been doing a lot of doodling to figure out what I need to do next. How odd that I would end up doodling logs and calendars and lists. Is this a doodle? Is this something that my subconscious tells me I need?

I suppose so.

I did get a little lost there in the business of it all for a while. Lost the goals, lost the routines, lost the motivation.

Maybe all my calendaring and logging and marking down of what I want and where I want to go is a kind of map making, a way to find myself where I am.

What kind of map making do you do in your life?

When you get lost, how do you find your way back to yourself?

Funnily enough, as I've just made this connection that I am making maps of my life and my mind, I feel the need to go upstairs and sketch out some more maps. Name my place. Discover where/who/what I am.


Jessie said...

holy crap,'re a genius! not to mention, map-making sounds incredibly fun! :)

you should sell these you mind maps on etsy! (could leave the top part blank for people to fill in with their own projects).

dang, you inspire me! :) it's like a breath of fresh air here at your blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Not sure I can answer those questions. But I like your chart and mapping ideas. May have to figure out how to use such things.

khairun said...

I jump from one creative project to the next. My husband feels he can never keep up with me. At first I regarded it as the consequence of a positive curiosity, a healthy desire to learn, a fascination towards new ideas and concepts. And it is all of those things. But what took me a while to realise was that it was also due to this residing fear I have of never finding my true calling in life.
Your idea of mapmaking could definately help get me in the right direction.
Whatever map I'm using right now, it's making me go round and round in circles!

jess gonacha swift said...

This is so great, Rowena. I could definitely use something like this!

Lisa said...

I can't believe I just got around to this post...I found your blog ages ago and guess I forgot to "follow".

This is a brilliant idea...I especially appreciate the categories. Usually mine consist more of chores around the house or fitness stuff - the "have-to's". I like the idea of making art, creativity, my blog, my self, the kids part of that watch-list -- they are far more important than the lights & darks in the laundry.

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