Saturday, September 18, 2010

Water Drop Charm

Water Drop Charm
felt, cotton, embroidery floss, silvertone jump ring
99/100 in 100 days creative challenge

This is a charm that I whipped up. My mermaid was the inspiration. A drop of water from that ocean. Whatever ocean you're swimming in.

What have I been doing lately?

I'm trying to get back into my writing practice.

It's really hard to build up that kind of habit when you have lost it. When you let life take you away from the discipline, as life so often does.

But this week, I have attempted to take my laptop down into the basement, after the boy has been taken to the school bus, and before I have to go to work, and write.

It hasn't always worked, as other things have gotten in the way and momentary emergencies pop up... but I've made it 3 mornings out of 5, so that's farther along than I was before.

I am getting there.

I don't know that I am going to be able to have that steady writing practice anymore, now that the boy is in school and has an unrelated schedule, and now that I have a job with a different schedule every week.

I have to adjust my writing according to the needs of the day. And some times I miss my writing time. And sometimes I don't get to run off on my own, but have to work while the kids are watching Phinneas and Ferb in the living room and I am sitting at my desk in the corner, fending off requests for gold fish and candy and such and impromptu performances of rock airbands.

But I do what I have to. I keep going. I attempt to revise and am interrupted. I sit down and focus and pound out a chapter. Then go on and do mom duty.

Keep going. Try your best. Don't give up, even if you don't meet your goals every day. Start over. Keep trying. Sit down and start. Sit down and start again. Remember your ultimate goals. Remember to do the things you love. Remember this makes you a happier person. Remember and keep going.

Drop by drop, you fill the ocean.

1 comment:

Genie Sea said...

"Remember to do the things you love."

Coming here today has helped me remember how much I love reading your words and enjoying your art.

I understand so well those starts and stops that you so eloquently put into words.

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