Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dandelion Wishes

Dandelion Wishes Brooch
Wool Blend Felt, Acrylic Felt, Embroidery Floss, Thread, Pin Finding
83/100 in 100 days creative challenge and Day 31 August Everyday

This would count as my last day of August. I'm kind of glad August is over, even though it means that now I have figure out all the rules and routines of sending a boy to school. I think I'm more nervous than my kindergardener.

So I finished off this brooch finally. A little woodland wild land scene of dandelions and ferns. What took me so long? Perhaps it was Spring and Summer that kept me away from the felt. It is a rather wintry medium. But now I'm looking at my basket of unfinished pins and dolls and gewgaws.

I would like to see more wishes. Dandelion fluff and first stars. I'd like to do more linked pieces, like yesterday. Like hearts and birds. Maybe a house and a star or moon. I just can't get away from telling stories, and when you put two images together, the human mind starts making stories about them. I like that.

Sometimes I wish that I could just get myself a set up that would have me making these things like I was a human assembly line... but I've never managed to do that. Even if I trim down my crafting time, I seem to be unable to just do the same thing over and over again. I can't stop experimenting. I can't figure out how to simplify the craft of a thing because instead of going deep into one aspect, I am continually looking for new directions in which to take my medium.

Oh but that's not really a wish. I don't really wish I could do more assembly line. I want to be careful on this post, since I have that dandelion going on. I wouldn't want to accidentally wish for something that I don't actually want.

Hmm. Since we're on wishes, and since we're on the new school year, I wish that I could spend more time with my art and writing... I wish I could develop my finished output. I want to take myself seriously as both and artist and a writer. I want to make it real.

What are your artistic wishes for the school year? What do you wish you could develop and grow over the next nine months?


Tracy Carlton said...

i've been so enjoying your 100 days creativity! so inspiring!

what a wonderful wish, and one that echos in my heart as well:

i wish i could spend more time with my art, and take myself seriously as an artist too.

thank you for this wishing opportunity!

Anonymous said...

I do admire your sewing skills! I have begun my own somewhat less gifted 100 Days of Creation at my journal...and a couple days before linked to you as my inspiration. (

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