Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feather, Falling and Flying

paper, pen, marker, gold paint pen
"there is an art, or rather a knack to flying. the knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground
and miss. -douglas adams"

So my weekend of no writing was a success. I got art done and mailings and home stuff and work and cooking and I even went with the kids to a cider mill with a hay maze and pumpkin donuts and pony rides and wee hee!


It's Tuesday, and I haven't gotten a lick of writing in!

I am flummoxed by the living of life and how things keep popping up to get in the way of the goals.



Remember how it's all supposed to be in the service of living?

Is it worth it to get myself all up in arms because I'm not getting my scheduled writing done? As long as I am moving forward at a decent pace, does it matter if I am not sticking to my ridiculous goals as written?

Let's go back to drawing at the top and the fabulous quote. I'm not quite sure how I am going to go about throwing myself at the ground and missing the ground... but I'm going to keep trying. Perhaps it's the risking of yourself that counts as throwing yourself at the ground?

That makes sense. Taking the RISK of failing, and throwing yourself at that risk. Taking the chance on your dreams on the fail
ure of your dreams, and probably failing... but perhaps maybe not failing and instead actually reaching your dreams and learning how to fly?

How does that sound? Does that sound like what Douglas Adams is talking about?

It's a worthy risk, I think.

What do you think about taking a chance on failing at your dreams? Just saying, 'what the hell' lets go for a massive failure! I'll survive.'

I think it's the 'I'll survive' that is the difference here. It's trusting yourself to make it through even the brutal failure.

On a separate note, I just realized that my design blog, which I haven't tended since the Spring, really, gets as many hits as this blog, that I work on daily or every other day. What would happen if I DID tend that blog? Would I get a wider readership? Would it be good for this blog? For my etsy shop? For my 'internet presence'? Of course it would! That's only logic. It's audience that makes one a success on the internet, the great Democracy. Perhaps there is a limited audience for a personal art/spirituality blog. Perhaps the larger audience is in the sharing of pretty things. I like pretty things. I don't mind keeping the inspiration board that is small & heartfelt.

I'm thinking that if I go with the flow-- and take that updraft of designy blog stuff-- maybe
the little feather that is my 'brand' can fly away on the breeze. (yes, yes, I know it's a corny metaphor... but maybe there's something in there.)


EVA said...

I am loving that feather Rowena! What a great colour and such texture! Beautiful!!

Querulous Squirrel said...

Just wanted you to know that your recent, beautiful 100 in 100 has inspired me to write 100 in 100 stories once again. Thank you.

Travel Agency said...
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