Monday, September 13, 2010

Orange Dinosaur for a Boy

Orange Dinosaur for a Boy
91/100 in 100 days Creative Challenge
felt and thread on backpack

My boy wanted a dinosaur backpack for his first day of school.

Why are there no dinosaur backpacks to be found?

Perhaps I just did not leave myself enough time to do the exhaustive research and perhaps importation of said dinosaur backpack.

In the end, my boy and I made a deal. He would get a plain back pack, and I would get him a bakugan to clip onto the backpack, and then I would sew a dinosaur onto the backpack.

So. Dinosaur backpack achieved.

First week of school achieved.

All I've got to say is, I think it's harder on me than it is on him. Drop off. Pick ups. Forms to fill out. Lunches to make. Lunch boxes to clean out. Outfits to lay out for morning. Children to get out of the house on time. Plans to be made for back up picker-uppers. Early morning alarms to rise for. Piles of papers to sort out. Homework to supervise.

He just plays all day.
I'm concerned that I'll be having to do this for the next 15 or so years. But by then, they'll be able to get up and get dressed and off to school by themselves... right? Right?

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Mitzi said...

Haha don't count on it cuz :) Miss you and give the kiddies a big kiss from Aunt Itsy Bitsy

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