Friday, September 10, 2010

Turning An Ugly Sweater Into A Cute(r) Sweater

Altered Fleece sweater w me in a silly model pose (although I was really just trying to see over the fence to the street)
remade 3/4 length sleeves, v-neck

Zoom! I've been so busy, what with the beginning of school/kindergarten and all the regular work/duties/projects.

However I did sew up this old, chunky, boxy yet cozy fleece sweater into something slightly less dowdy.

Here it is with the v neck, three quarter sleeves and buttons. I'm not sure, but I think I may have to cut off all the buttons and sew a pretty ribbon at the neck, instead. That would play up on the lace laser cut bottom, and I think having the buttons be the only part of the sweater that is hemmed and heavy makes it look off some.

I have already learned that I am going to have to take of the sleeves and re sew them next time, not just sew the whole thing narrower from hem to sleeve. Because the shoulders end up having extra bulky fabric that bunches weirdly. But anyway, not so bad for the beginning of my re-fashioning adventures. And practice to the tunic I want to make when I find the right tshirt to repurpose.

Speaking of repurposing and the start of school... I have a little cold, yet I had to go pick up the boy from the school bus, and it's definitely feeling like fall here, so, quick, while my hot tea was boiling/steeping, I took the end sleeve scrap of the fleece sweater, and stitched it up with orange embroidery floss, and turned it into a cup cozy. While the tea brewed. Really?

Crazy mama. Crafting while the tea brews. Does no one else find that a little wacky? And I sewed the little star burst while S was standing on the porch, saying, "Hurry up, we have to pick the boy up from the bus stop." (we were on time, just so you know.)
Here's the only before picture I have of the sweater. I forgot to take a picture of it, and I wouldn't have taken a picture modelling it because it was super dowdy and I only put it on for warmth out of desperation for cozy. You can see I've already cut out the high button collar. You can also see how boxy it was, and the long arms with the heavy seams.
Sketch for repurposing

Here's the sketch/notes I made for planning the repurposing. It gives you an idea of the boxy proportions, never mind that the page isn't wide enough for outstretched arms. Pretend they are long.

Let me tell you, planning improves your work, very often. Because you end up thinking the whole process through and deciding which way you'd like to go-- before you take the scissors to the derned thing.

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