Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Of Concepts and the Creative Process

Obsessed with feathers.
crayola crayon, watercolor on paper
86/100 in 100 creative days challenge

When I first started making my felt feathers (mostly so that I could have one to put in my hat) I wasn't quite sure what feathers looked like.

I mean, I knew what they looked like, but you'd be surprised how little details can change the end product when you are not exactly reproducing a thing.

Now, I like to draw from life, and draw exactly what I see in front of me. I think I probably found some photos online to serve as references, but I also like to create a representation of the IDEA of a thing. Not any particular feather, but the concept of a feather. And that is when I ran into trouble.

In fact, this page of feathers was done before I got the reference. That was when I realized I didn't know enough of feathers to speak of feathers with my art. I'm still in a learning process. I'm still discovering what makes a feather look like a feather rather than, say, a leaf.

Actually, I think I'd like to make a leaf, too. Oh, well. I guess the journey continues.
Ideas for repurposing old tshirts
ink on paper
87/100 in 100 days

Speaking of ideas. I've decided I want to make a long sleeved tunic out of an old tshirt. I don't have an appropriate tshirt yet. I'm planning on haunting the mens tshirt section of the salvation army when I get around to it.

But I thought I'd do some planning before I get to the thrift store, so that I know what I am actually looking for.

The large sketch is my least favorite. To the lower right is a sketch of Ivy, because she demanded to be in the drawing. But the other three give me some ideas. It's a lot of original sewing, because to get the length of tshirt I want, it will have to be huge. And that means I'll have to resew the shoulders and arms. I don't know if my pattern making and sewing skills are up to that kind of task.

You see, while my grandma taught me to hand sew when I was 7, and my year of fashion design in High School taught me the basics of pattern making and construction, (as in, we made one miniature muslin sheath) I'm really just figuring this out as I go. I kind of enjoy that, but it makes for some undependable results. In fact I altered an old dowdy fleece sweater, but I'm not sure I did the best job. I'll show you what I did tomorrow. It's a little... well, let's just say I'll have to do some fixing.

As for the tshirt tunic, I'm still considering whether I want to leave it a simple bodice with a scoop neck, or do an empire waist. Or if I want to find a smaller long sleeve woman's tshirt and add the lower part of a larger tshirt. But I do know that mainly I am looking for a tshirt with good heft and good color, maybe two coordinating tshirts so I can add the flower details.

Well anyway, as for the developmental process from concept to finished product? Who knows how long it could take. Gotta just keep going, and trying new things.

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Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

I've been trying to look at things closer, too -- really get to know those details. Sometimes I just sketch what's right in front of me on the dining room table. Amazing how satisfying that can be.

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