Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovely and Lumply, Wild Violets and Allergies

Here is the "Fairy Patch," or so my kids named the wild violets in the backyard. I am enamored of these tiny wild flowers. The bright color, the intricate petals. They seems like something fairy like to me, too.

Something like this, it seems it should be all wonderful... and it is... except I'm finding some strange things happen when you hit new places in life. When transitions happen and you are about to take on new challenges, or when you just have.

Well, the world gets all confusing. You are lost in your path because the familiar landmarks have gone astray.

Except you aren't lost.

You are right where you need to be, with the fairy violets and all.

It's just a momentary feeling of being in over your head or jumbled up about what happens next.

This is life. And it's all mixed up with progress and setbacks, understanding and confusion.

And it's good.
Like for instance these beautiful flowering trees lining mainstreet. I enjoyed them so much as I walked to the library and had a relaxing couple of hours. Until I realized that they are probably the thing that triggered an awful allergy attack that made me miserable all night.

Well, that's what I'm saying. Lovely and lumply, all jumbled up together. Would it have been better to not have the nice walk and library session, or to avoid the allergies?

I'm thinking the allergies might have been an okay price to pay for what I gained.

Perfection is over rated anyway. Real life has allergies. Real magic always has a cost. But that doesn't mean you should avoid the fairy patch.

Oh, and I am so excited. I just won a spot in the summer session of Susannah Conway's Unravelling e-course. I am really looking forward to the adventure. Thanks to Boho Girl for hosting the giveaway.


Lisa said...

Congrats on winning that spot! I know I'm going to miss the entry as I'm busy that morning...but hope to be able to take it soon.

Perfect reflection on what Is - I agree with you. I'll take the fairy patch any day...allergies and all. It's a lovely place to be. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on winning that spot! what a life changing and affirming journey you are about to go on!

(i'm just a tiny bit jealous... just a tiny bit)

it's great to visit you and your blog!

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