Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jane Was Here

Jane Was Here
acrylic on paper, 8.5" x 5.5"

This is a painting that I did as a memorial for a preemie baby back in February.

Why do I post it now?

I think because in a way, it relates to yesterday's post, about how what you do does indeed matter.

Jane was a lovely little girl and was loved dearly by her family, and through her mother's blog, Jane reached out and touched many, all over the world. They are still receiving cards and messages telling them that their little girl did indeed affect many. She was here.

Jane isn't here anymore, and although her life was so short, she mattered. Her existence mattered. Her very breath mattered. She was here.

We all matter. What we do affects others and changes them in ways both big and small. The struggles we take on to reach our dreams or to make the world a better place or to raise good people or create something to leave behind, or even to just simply survive... these matter.

Even if it seems there are too many endings, and too many setbacks, and too many good byes and too many heartbreaking disappointments...

It all still matters.

So there.

I have more words on the subject of how we matter, it turns out.

And if you'd like to follow Our Girl Jane and here about how she was indeed here, and perhaps even send her mom a postcard declaring Jane's existence in your life, I'm sure she would be grateful.


Jackie said...

Thank you for the advice on my blog about letting go and for taking the time to post. It really meant alot and was something I needed right now as I am struggling. I am leaving this blog today with these words in my head "What You Do Matters".
Love the Jane was here painting too, very powerful!!

tia said...

Thanks for this, Rowena. "We all matter" -- that's exactly what I learned from Jane. Every one of us makes connections that can change everything for the better; Jane certainly did, and she was just a tiny kid in a hospital. Think what the rest of us can do!

I'm so grateful for what you've done for her, and for me. Someday I will make a quilt, and this image will be part of it. Once I learn how to quilt, that is, and how to transfer images to fabric, and...

Carnelian Kitten said...

I love your painting. It reminds me of the bleeding heart dove: http://www.biolib.cz/en/image/id28205/

~Kitten (came here from Tia's blog)

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