Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going Along For the Ride

Life seemed to go so fast this weekend. I lost Monday completely. Well, it was family time and all the grand projects I had, all the work I wanted to do, on the internet and making things?
Yeah. That didn't happen.
We took some drives in the Michigan country side. I like taking pictures as the world slides by. I like the surprising results, sometimes of things you didn't know were there, sometimes all the movement makes the photos look more like impressionist paintings.
I like the house at the bend in this road. I wonder, is that the destination or just another part of life to slide by?
Nope. This is where we end up, randomly, when the girl said to take this turn instead of that.
A state park, with a lake, and a beach.
It is far too cold to be hanging out at the lake, though. And yes. That is a girl in a sparkly tutu. So we played in the playground for a bit then turned around and headed for the library in town.
Also this weekend, collecting wild flowers.
Windy, chilly skies blowing clouds through town, seen most picturesquely looking through the Jiffy factory, down the railroad tracks. It is so hard to take a good picture of that factory. It's so striking in person but the pictures are NOT coming out. Harrumph.
And flowers. Yes the flowers are blooming all over. The green hasn't won over yet. It's still the blue and gray of sky, the black of tree limbs and the pink or white of the flowers. Soon though, the flowers will fade and it will be Summer green.

Here's my question though, about the way life slides by, like houses on the roadside or flowers fading to full canopy.... how do we keep our eye on our goals, on all the things we have to do, take action and remain productive while still really living in the moment.

I know I've asked this question before.
I'm a little disgruntled that I got no work done these last few days, but looking back at the photos, I can see that there was quite a bit of living being done. And living that won't be put off. Like those flowers, my children are only going to be fresh and pink and good smelling for a little longer. The tweeners aren't far away.
(ha ha, look at him with the shades. just about to turn into a cool teen, although he's not yet 5.)

So, how, I ask you, how do we balance the living and the doing? The being and the ambition? I have a suspicion that it might be to surrender to the whole thing, but how?

Anyone have any wisdom to share on this? Quotes, poems? Experience?


Julie Jordan Scott said...

How do you balance?

Practice, a lot of practice... breathing, noticing, doing what you are doing without worry about what you are doing or who you are being or judgment or fear...

Breathe. Witness. Create. Breathe. Witness. Create. Be curious about it all, gently.



Rowena said...

excellent advice Ms. Julie

Lindellica said...

You do it and you're my inspiration, Lady, so do not doubt self. I do what I can. I do not sweat the small stuff. I try and spend a little of every day at least thinking about what I will do creatively.

And, you know, not strangling my daughter.

Rowena said...

Thanks Heather. that helps. It helps me also to remember that this is part of the process. And looking with the grand view, it all makes more sense.

nanke's stuff said...

So, Rowena, if you live anywhere near that Jiffy factory, you are generally in my area! It is such a wonderful town - I love it (especially Zuzu's and The Common Grill). It's a lovely area, and I enjoyed your post very much! nancy

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