Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

The First Egg

After a morning of rushing around, making breakfast (bacon and strawberry shortcake... what? you don't eat dessert and bacon for breakfast? It was delicious.) and getting kids dressed in their less scrubby clothes ("I want to wear something that makes me look handsome, mama," he said) putting out squabbles, distracting kiddos while the eggs were hidden, and trying to keep ALL the candy from being eaten by the under five set, we went on our Easter Egg hunt.
Wondering where the eggs are.
Don't be fooled. It looks like she needs help or is too shy, and too little to find the eggs, but she found more than her big brother or her older cousin.
She found this one. For instance. Although Grandma was standing over there ribbiting like a frog.
And then, after egg hunt and eating some eggs, the kids opened up their new kite and went flying with grandma.
Scary, right? He is having just TOO much fun driving the motorized dumptruck that grandpa got. I hope this isn't a hint of the future and little men who like to go joy riding in dump trucks.
Flowers are growing now. They may be tiny, and hiding in the grass, but I am so excited. The kids stopped caring about the flowers once they found them, but I am so thirsty for Spring that it's a really big deal to me. I've been green watching for weeks, and it's finally happening. Yay Spring.
And this is one of the stuffed animals I am in the process of making for my kids. I failed and did not get it done for Easter morning, even though I've been rushing for a week to finish, but I showed them my process and told them they could choose the details, like the legs or the eyes and the mouth.

I'm kind of proud of this bunny. She turned out better than I thought. But maybe I should not say that until I actually get the legs attached and finish her. The boy's snake needs some work too, but they were already running around with the unfinished guys, so I'm sure they'll be okay when I finish them.

WHEN I finish them, because I am taking it easy. After the eggs were hidden, I kind of said, that's it, I'm taking it easy. No more work for me. I put away my needles to let my ouchy fingers rest. I sat back and had a beer or two. I put in my kitchen duty for the day with breakfast. I let grandma "enjoy" her grandkids while I read a book. I even took a nap, after staying up too late getting Easter Baskets ready and waking up too early with the kids.

Yes, I took half the day off on Easter, picked tiny flowers and paid attention to the Spring.

So it turned out to be a pretty good holiday.


Stella said...

oh wow. lovely. I loved your post on my blog, too, by the way. However, I think I would have liked an Easter Egg hunt thrown in there somewhere!

Hybrid J said...

Glad you had a restful Easter. The stuffed toy rabbit looks so cute and delicate. Can't wait to see the finished one. Your fabric work amazes me! Thank you for sharing. :)

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