Monday, August 31, 2009

Garden Girl and the Soft Place to Land, or Quiet Season

Garden Girl and the Soft Place to Land, or Quiet Season
88/100 in 100 days creative challenge, 8/31/09
Golden Fluid Acrylic

Me, I don't feel so well. Feel like drinking orange juice and eating chicken soup, so I hope you don't mind if I just post this timely painting which I started weeks ago.

I am on painting 88 and this is day 92 of our 100 in 100 days creative challenge. Today, I am working on my magic cat painting and I think I'd like to do an artjournal of lists and dreams and goals.

Okay, everyone take it easy. Be creative. Be happy. Keep on swimming... or go curl up on a sofa with your journal. Or a good movie. Life is for the living, and sometimes it's for the retreat and recuperate.


jess gonacha said...

Hope you're feeling better today, Rowena. I felt that way on Sunday-- just wanted to nap all day. SOmetimes it's the best thing to do!

Rowena said...

Still feel under the weather, but not too bad. I did look up my symptoms and they actually match swine flu! but very mild. So if I get swine flu and this is it, it's worth it. I even did some art journaling that I'll post later.

aquamaureen said...

Retreating is all part of the ebb and flow of life, isn't it?

Garden girl is lovely and restful and very peacefully alive. I love the curve of her ankles . ..

Take care of yourself, okay?

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