Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Flu Journals (89&90/100)

Saying Yes (art journal)
89/100 in 100 creative challenge, 9/1/09

Working on my art journal as I try to take it easy. Maybe I shouldn't have had the coffee in the picture because I think I have the flu. Maybe even the swine flu, but it's not the worst flu I've ever had.

So, soup tonight, lots of rest. Lots of movies and tv for the kids and one more art journal page for my creative challenge tally

In My Hands (art journal)
90/100 in 100 creative challenge, 9/1/09
watercolor and Pitt artist pen on paper

Ten more to go.

Hands are amazing things, you know.

We have lots of power in our hands and we don't even realize it.


Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

Feel better, Rowena!

It's amazing the amazingness you create when you feel way less than amazing...

Jan said...

I'm so impressed with your output! You have the flu and you still come up with this wonderful hand!

aquamaureen said...

Love the hand. This body part has always had some unusual pull on me. My own hands, and those of others. I was looking for some inspiration for a piece of art, and I think you just gave it to me :)

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