Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luck, Ladybug

Luck, Ladybug
86/100 in 100 creative challenge, 8/25/09
Golden Fluid Acrylic on paper, 8x5 moleskine

Oh lovely, lovely epiphanies. When the light seems to glow with a warmer touch and the moment is the perfect moment. A time to stop and say, "Yes, this is life and it is good."

And then the moment fades. You go on. You stumble a little. The dancing has worn you out so you snap and yell. Someone says a little something that makes you doubt yourself. Your back hurts. Bedtime is drawn out. The food is less than stellar. The phone doesn't ring when you want it to or it rings when you don't. You sit up wasting your time when you could be doing something productive or at least sleeping.

Oh, life moves on after epiphany.

And what I've decided is that is okay.

We're not here to be perfect or to have perfect days or perfect lives or be the perfect mom or the perfect blogger or the perfect artist or the perfect partner or the perfect anything. Perfection is the antithesis of living.

Imperfection is vital and messy and what we learn from, and what makes the beauty more breathtaking.

So if I woke up this morning to a ladybug on my bedside table, and an epiphany about moving and music and breakthroughs and I knew in the doing of it that this was a great day, but the day slowly slid into pissiness and mama's short temper, then I'm going to say, hey, that was a complex day. A complete day. A full spectrum of a day. And when I fell asleep at night, I'm not going to obsess over where I fell down that day, but remember the lady bug, and the moments, the yeses and the nos. The life. My life.

Here's a youtube video called Moments that was brought to my attention by Jena. I swear I'd been planning this post long before she posted this video. Hm. Some more synchronicity.


m. heart said...

The Love Thursday post I have planned for tomorrow is also a little in sync with your post today ;)

That video is wonderful, thanks for pointing it out. I might post it soon too. I think what we do as bloggers is appreciate and isolate little moments from our lives. And share them.

jena strong said...

We seem to have the synchronicity thing down pretty well. Beautiful post.

I think I dreamt about Flying Girl. Or maybe it was a cloud I saw that made me think of her.

aquamaureen said...

Wow. Loved that video. SO much life packed into four minutes of images.

And your words, Rowena, were a perfect prelude to the video. I used to wonder how I could live through such shimmering moments and days, and then have what felt like such flat, ordinary, even sucky days after. I'd wonder where the wonderful went?

But now I feel a little differently. LIke you said, there's a full spectrum of living. And sometimes, when our hearts are tuned to just the right frequency, unspeakable beauty and joy are heard/seen/felt. And then, even when the static of daily life interferes, we can KNOW that soon, maybe very soon, life will shimmer once again.

Thanks for this real and honest post.

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