Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flying Girl of Memories and Dream, or Dirigible

Flying Girl of Memories and Dream, or Dirigible
Golden Fluid Acrylic, paper 5x7"

Meaning here? I don't know. I was browsing the internet and came upon a picture of rooftops, which reminded me of the view out my back window when I lived on Driggs Ave in Brooklyn.

Somehow, a grown up Flying Girl did not want to fly through this picture. She wanted to be a child. And she looks like my little girl, although a bit older. Not only that, but this picture did not want to be vibrant or graphic at all. This picture did not want embellishment or ornamentation.

This picture is soft. I think it might also be because I have decided to not ask so much of myself right now. I've decided to step back on the novel so that I can focus on setting up the shop. The thought still makes my stomach twitch, that I could put the novel off. But I think this needs to be done right now, if it's going to be done at all.

Another thing about this painting, I think it's a reminder of the dreams I had when I was living in that apartment, some, oh my god, TEN years ago. I wanted children, and I couldn't see where or when they would happen. So here I am now, and they are here. The dream didn't know about the hard work or the sacrifices, so much, but it's still the dream.

Also, I don't know if anyone noticed this, but all flying girls looking to the future are facing the right of the picture. All flying girls looking to the past are facing the left. This is, I suppose, my personal language.

As such, perhaps the adult Flying Girl is in that blimp... I mean dirigible, which is such the cooler word. She's taking a little voyage back into the past, and spotting that girl, and her dream.

(interestingly, this painting could also fit for the Illustration Friday prompt of time, since it's all about memories and going backward and forward in time within our minds.)


Querulous Squirrel said...

Interesting. I thought she was pregnant. As in: pregnant with the possibilities of your children and childhood.

squarepegperson said...

I'm struck with the deal that you had the dream about children - didn't know how it'd work itself out..but it did..and now the novel, which you're maybe not feeling so great about the "step back" from..BUT..will quite possibly, organically the kiddos..
LOVE the picture - and very cool you considering how the flying girls face -- there's so much in art therapy about that (placement and all) - forget..just know it's interesting stuff to look at..

mapelba said...

I noticed that FG flew the same direction and I wondered about it--wondered how purposeful that was.

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