Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Banner Day (and routine difficulties)

Yesterday, I spent some time working on my etsy banner. Yes that's right. For my shop that is still not opened. Which is the part of my Portfolio Project that was supposed to be easy and quick and finished first. (hahahaha)

I sketched out the initial idea and then just dove in. I painted it and got it the way I wanted to and then edited it on picnik... which I think might be the solution to my tech-idiot problems. I like the way it came out. I like that it is so obviously made my hand, not technology. I like the sketchiness of the paint, which goes along with my speedy painting a day/every other day thing. Even the lettering is hand done. And I like it. Did I ever say that my job in college was making posters for events? Not a bad part time job. I wish I had figured out this style, because it would have been so versatile. Anyway, that was 18 years ago. Today is today and I am figuring everything out all over again. It seems on a daily basis, sometimes.

I realized that I had to actually set aside time to get this done, instead of just assuming it would happen in the upswelling of my days. I have been trying to build a routine into my day for writing and for painting and for blogging and for dinner and for bedtime and for getting up and dressed, but there was nothing for getting business done.

Have to say, there still isn't. My blogging time went to this, but perhaps what needs to be done is the time needs to be divided. Every other day going blogging and/or business. Or I don't know, maybe it just needs to be switched up a little. Or maybe I need to let go of this idea that everything needs to be done every single day and find a sort of rotating schedule that allows me to incorporate all the things I want to do.

I don't know yet. Still working on this.
But I wanted to show you my version of playing with words for creative everyday's February theme of "words." Oh wait. Last month was "play." I seemed to have combined the two. Oh well.
This was one of my first versions. Then I shifted the words around, trying all sorts of other compositions, trying to keep in ming the whole time that it was going to have to be very long and narrow to fit in the banner space.
So I just flipped and flipped the letters around, too many time to show here.

I just entertained myself with the different variations.

I came in close for a different purpose and feel. I like the little flowers/lollipops this way, too.


Woo Hoo!

Ivy is still mightily entertained by the "popsiples" as she calls them. And spent some time drawing her own, or asking me to draw some "popsiples" for her to practice on.

Anyway, it was fun. And I could really use any words I wanted over the popsiples. I could do a new Warriorgirl banner-- the whole idea was inspired by the banner I have up now-- or make a poem or whatever I want. Almost like refrigerator poetry, but on a painting.


Genie Sea said...

I love your new banner!

Do you realize you are stunningly prolific? Do you have 49 hours in the day? It seems so to me :)

I have given you an award for this and so much more. :)

Christiane said...

Totally love it, good work! Am looking forward to your shop, actually. Take care - and don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing fine. Really.

jess gonacha said...

love love love it! it looks great!

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