Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flying Girl Feels the Stirrings, or Spring Always (Yes) Comes

Flying Girl Feels the Stirrings, or Spring Always (Yes) Comes
Golden Fluid Acrylics on paper 5x8"

[Hurry before the kids wake up!]
I had no idea what to paint last night, but I wanted something light and bright. I really have been on a green and orange kick. So not my usual colors. I guess I am thinking Spring although it is still February. Granted, I live in Florida, so winter doesn't have the same bite as back in NY, but the Winter mind is still prevalent. It's easy to get stuck in that dark when the sun goes away for so long.

This thought of Spring always cheers me up, even... especially when things are the darkest.

I remember once in college, a great time in my life, but I was going through some tough things at that moment. I remember being in love with someone who was not in love with me, although he thought I was, gee, just swell. I'm pretty sure there was other sadness involved, and I'm positive there was mass quantities of cheap white wine. There was a party, and a desperate need for escape from said party.

I ran outside and slid down the building to squat by some leafless bushes and cry. One of my girlfriends came out to make sure I was okay.

I remember her looking at the seemingly dead, Winter bushes and saying:

"The lilacs will be blooming soon."

And all of a sudden, my upset evaporated. I imagined the fragrance floating through my window, and the tiny lavender florets appearing everywhere, and I knew it would all get better.

The boy never fell for me, but I got over it. I forever tried to stay away from sweet white wine and, oddly, melon flavored anything. (yegh, I still remember that bad wine.)

My life got better and better. Sometimes it got worse.

But Spring always (yes) came.


Juliet Colors said...

I love it! Your posts are always so inspiring.

septembermom said...

I love your paintings! They are so filled with life and energy. You're so right how we all need the thought of spring to help us renew ourselves. You can feel the liberation in the painting.

I appreciate your thoughtful comments on my blog! Thanks for visiting!


Dear Rowena,
Your Spring Flying Girl is my absolute favorite. I also live in Florida where it has been cold recently and I am also looking forward to the Spring Equinox - my favorite season! Your creativity is extremely inspiring - thank you so very much for sharing your flying girls!

D'Arcy said...

These thoughts of spring have helped me be happier this week. I've decided the sun is my new boyfriend. Such a great, warm relationship. I love when the sun shines and touches my pale skin and gives me just a little warmth, like releasing some hope chemical in my skin and infecting my entire body.

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