Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flying Girl and the Heart, or Hide and Seek

Flying Girl and the Heart, or Hide and Seek
Golden Fluid Acrylics on paper 5x8"

I believe in synchronicity. I believe that we are all connected to the universe and to eachother, and things actually happen for a reason. It may not be a reason that is nice and happy for us little people scurrying about, but it's a reason, all the same. Sometimes, if you can tap into that synchronicity, those rhythms and patterns and intuitions and alignments and coincidences, then you can make something from them. Maybe you can make some sense. Maybe you can just make a painting.

That's what happened with this one. I get the feeling there's some deeper meaning here, but really, it just came about through coincidence.

First, Ivy was hiding in her room behind the curtains, which are wine colored. She was wearing a lavender nightgown, the wall was white/shadowed, and the trim was black. The color combination struck me, and I wanted to paint it. Then, I realized it was valentines day, and I should try to make some tiny effort to incorporate that into something, despite the fact that I don't celebrate the hearts and flowers holiday. (hey, yo! you wanna buy some long stem red roses? Only a hunnerd bucks a dozen!) So I thought she should be carrying a heart.

Sometimes love seems like that, to me. Hide and seek. Pull away, go into shadows, open up in joy. Really love of anything. The up and down in and out of love. Can it just go calmly and smoothly in one line? Can it stay the same and never change? I don't think so. It's always peekaboo. Sometimes we have to go hunting. Sometimes we have to call olly olly oxenfree. Sometimes we have to end the game and say, "here I am."

Looking at other incidences of synchronicity, Karen at Beelieve points out

Forty years ago, the intuitive words of a song called Aquarius, brought the dawning of the new age into our collective awareness:

When the Moon is in the seventh house

and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Then love will rule the planets

and peace will steer the stars

At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peace and dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
Yes. It is finally the age of Aquarius, a time for enlightenment and inclusiveness, not the polarity of us vs them, but the holistic WE.

The thought makes me sing, "let the sun shine, let the sun shine, the sun shine in...." which leads me back to yesterday's post.

Sing it with me folks.


Querulous Squirrel said...

I love the cat trying to fly. Or at least dancing. And the contrasting textures of the curtains against the light brown. I'm focusing on method these days.

Karen Mowrey said...

Feelin' it here still or maybe it is just that song stuck in my head, not a bad one to get stuck though and we have been dancing around to it today.

I love your color combination it this, good eye. I love when there is something that happens like that and you just know it will make for great art.

Karen Mowrey said...

ps. great analogy with love and peek-a-boo

marta said...

Forty years make me glad to be 40. This must be why in many ways--despite my insecurity and worries--this is an amazing year.

Genie Sea said...

"Let the sunshine in... The suuuuun shine iiiiin!"

I'm singing it with you sister. I day late but not an intention short!

The colors in the painting are very striking, as is her heart in her hand and the playful black cat.

Cheers to the "holistic we"!

Peace. :)

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