Monday, August 16, 2010

Traveling in Black and White, or Patterns

Traveling in Black and White, or Patterns
ink on recycled menu, approx 4" square
58/100 in 100 days creative challenge, Day 15 in august everyday

I was at work when I did this one. I was thinking that I was tired of doodles, and I'd prefer to do some more abstract landscapes. And, what a shame it was, I was thinking, that I didn't have some paints or the opportunity to paint them, because really, they were all about color.

And then I wondered, well, hey, how would one represent all those shades of color if one only had a black pen and a scrap of menu?

And then something like this image came to my head.

Of course. Pattern. Line. Texture.

So I spent my down time drawing lines and dots. It's an exercise, of sorts, in exploring pattern and texture. Really, you can do so much with just pen.

And then I was thinking it might be kind of fun to do an experiment and see what one of these traveling pieces might look like in all sorts of different media. What could we try? After ink, what's next? Colored pencil? Watercolor? Charcoal? Marker? Oooh. What about pierced paper, or paper cuts. Or crochet. Or fabric quilting. Now that I think about it, it might be really interesting to try different media.

Stay tuned. I wonder what will happen next.


Labrys said...

I realllly like that one, the simplicity gives it a rare elegance.

Artist said...

Sometimes black and white is more than any color. Great art piece. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.

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