Thursday, August 05, 2010

Juicy, or Prayer for Loving Life

Juicy, or Prayer for Loving Life
Ink and Acrylic on vintage book page
44/100 in 100 days creative challenge and Day 4 in August Everyday

The interesting thing that I found when I started these book pages/prayers/meditations, is that although I created them to focus myself on abundance, to draw abundance (read money) into my life, what they actually started creating was a kind of love of the life I already have, with or without money.

Because the truth is, money doesn't make you rich. Okay, it helps you pay the rent and take fabulous trips and wear trendy clothes, but it doesn't make you rich as a human being, no matter what your tax return says.

What makes you rich beyond reckoning is diving into the life that you have and living every single moment with love and attention.

So much of our lives these days is wrapped up with dissatisfaction. We don't have enough. We aren't where we want to be. Our homes are too small or in the wrong place. Our partners do things wrong. We ourselves are not thin enough, pretty enough, successful enough, talented enough, smart enough... in essence we are just not enough.

But the truth is, the REAL truth is that we are.

We are enough.

And this moment is enough.

Did you hear me? This moment, this one right here, where you're sitting and reading these words, this moment is enough. And in this moment, you are enough, in all your imperfections.

And it is enough that I took this day off of work, even if it was because I didn't have childcare and I needed to stay home from work. There is no lack in that statement. There is only what is. And what is, writing blog posts and making blueberry corn pancakes, and watching these kids tumble and yell across the living room and cleaning up potty accidents and watching the sun and the trees through the window and listening to the birds chirp and Phineas and Ferb on tv having the best summer in the world, and the kids playing telephone with an empty tin can... well, this is all enough.

This is the living of a juicy life. Whenever we accept and love the life we are in, it is a juicy life, no matter what the world says we should be doing. No matter the little gremlins sitting in our ear whispering words of fear and dissatisfaction and insecurity.

You are enough.

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