Monday, August 23, 2010

Traveling Along, In Photos, In Life

Traveling with Tree
digital photo casio exilim
69/100 in 100 days creative challenge

My traveling series was inspired by some of the photos that I have taken from a car window while I was-- wait for it-- traveling, so I thought as long as I was trying out different media, why not go to the original? I don't generally take my photos very seriously. Every time I've posted one here, I usually don't consider it, quite, my art. I use photos more for documenting my life and my creativity. I use them to tell stories. I use them for emphasis. I use them for a kind of editorial commentary. I've forgotten most of what I learned about film photography in my High School photography class. I use a crappy point and shoot. I don't remember what aperture or shutter speed does. I almost never actually even print out my photos. Lame-o lame-o, but I continue to take photos. Almost every day for most of the last five years. And I enjoy photography. And I like the images I post, mostly. Don't get me wrong, I delete a whole heck of a lot of photos. That's actually kind of my process, to take as many pictures as I can, and then to get rid of most of them, and then to edit the ones I have left.

Traveling with Wildflowers
digital photo, casio exilim
70/100 in 100 days creative challenge

These latest photos here are cropped to match the latest painting/drawings I've been doing. A square format. I always have loved the square.

I think of them as if I could have painted them. I particularly like the round tree shape in the first photo, and I wonder about that giraffe looking shadow in the second one.

I have some more things that I did today. Three pieces actually. But I ran out of time to post them because we went to Ann Arbor and did some thrift shopping.
I got this nifty chapeau. It's nothing all that fancy or even all that vintage, but it was the first thing that I saw when I walked into the thrift store and I never took it off the entire time I was there. It came home with me. Don't worry, I paid for it. I think I need to get rid of the leather button on the side. It wants a teal feather. Now where am I going to find a teal feather?

We also stopped downtown where we had New York style pizza. Not quite Joe's on 7th Ave in Greenwich Village, which is still one of my favorite pies, but it is decent. Then we got a little ice cream and on the way back to the car, passed by a little vintage shop where THIS happened.
Yes. It looks like we might have a budding Vintageista. She fell in love with this mannequin in her Pepto Bismol pink dress. I certainly won't discourage her if she declares a love for vintage, and if she ends up hating vintage, well we'll just have to see what happens.
This is a budding marine biologist. The smudge in his hand is a toy hermit crab. Nothing to do with art or vintage shopping, just giving the other kid some equal time.

Well stay tuned tomorrow. I'll show you the three pieces I did. They wanted to stay together, so I went photos for this late Monday night post. I'm proud of myself for getting any post up at all.

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Stella said...

I adore your hat, your photos, your children, and most especially--you.

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