Sunday, February 07, 2010

What We Wore Yesterday


This was me on Saturday. See that list of things on the side that I was dressed for?

The only thing I didn't do was blog. But I was dressed for it.

I've started wearing skirts as one of my layers because I'm so almighty sick of wearing jeans. Blah. I mean, I have to keep it comfortable for the stay at home mom factor, but jeans, jeans, jeans. I need a new wardrobe. This is why I won't commit to that "year without shopping" thing you see going around. Because I've done my years without shopping (mostly) for the last 5 years, and I'm pretty much out of clothes. Well, clothes I'm excited about.

Anyway, here's part of my photo shoot from yesterday.

Gabriel with his commissioned ant pin. He has asked me to make superhero gear to go along with it. Cape. Mask. Knee pads. You know. Super hero gear. Oh yeah. And a laser shooter that comes out of the head and a cage to catch bad animals.
Here is Ivy with her commissioned pink butterfly pin... which, once I made, she refused and said she wanted a purple something or other. It was the second commission, so I said no. The first was a red bird.

This photo shoot also marks Ivy's debut as a paid, professional model. Because I had to bribe her with a quarter to put the hat on and let me take pictures.

Hm. Well, at least she will understand the value of a dollar. Uhm. Quarter.

I have been thinking about my blog and what I want it to be, and I'm beginning to think that I don't want it to be so solely an art blog. I mean, I am not solely a painter, so I'd like to share the things that inspire my creativity, or the not specifically "art" creativity things. Like cooking. You know, I spend a lot of time on cooking, and I think I'm a pretty good cook... not a master, but I'm learning and experimenting and enjoying it. I wish I had a better camera to do food styling, but I can make do with what I have.

I've also been thinking that I'd like to post more from around the web. I was keeping that limited to my other site, small and heartfelt, but she's kind of limping along in the wake of living my life. I feel bad neglecting her. Maybe I shouldn't divide my energies though. I'm here mostly. Why not be completely present, here. On this blog?

It's funny. I think this concept is related to creative everyday's February theme of Home. Interesting how these things go together. In fact, blogs and life have a tendency to intertwine. My blogs help me document my projects. They help me complete my projects. They keep me going.

A new project I've been thinking about is less about art, and more about living. A balanced life. The whole thing. Not just painting.

Now I'm not necessarily planning to be all over-sharey.... there's a difference between personal and private, but I think a little expansion is order for my warriorgirl persona.

Do bear with me as I learn to get more comfortable with a new concept.

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