Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flying Girl in the Desert, or Sometimes The Ocean Comes To Me

Flying Girl in the Desert, or Sometimes The Ocean Comes To Me
Acrylic Paint, Watercolor Pencils on Moleskine Paper, 5.5"x8"

This is my first painting in quite a while. I've been doing so much else, but two days ago, I felt the urge to paint.

It started while playing with my son. He was watching some cartoons on tv, and they were on an imaginary boat. One of the characters got seasick. Duck, I think, from Little Bear. Then my boy ran around saying he was seasick.

I said, "Silly boy, there is no ocean here."

He said, "Sometimes the ocean comes to me."

And then I had to paint.

Had to.

It was a compulsion. Like the eyes fog over and the world fades away a bit while I run about searching for just the right supplies. The spot to paint while still being able to supervise the kids. The right underpainting. The right interpretation. The right details. The right brushstrokes.

Until it was done, and I had to run off to the grocery store and left all my supplies and art out, so when I came home with bags to put away, I had no room in the kitchen for the groceries, and the first thing I saw was the painting, open on the kitchen table.

And I said, "hmm, sometimes the ocean does come to us, even when the land is dry."


Sharon said...

I love that the ocean came to you and you shared this piece with us! It's wonderful!

I also like your little stuffed dog. It does look like a terrier. :)

Sara Blackthorne said...

This painting is amazing ... Please let me know when prints are available. Sometimes the ocean comes to me, too.

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