Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Live in the Better Day

What I Wore Today (only not today. It was last week, before I got another bleeping cold.)

Where to start? Where to start? Where to start?

There really is so much to do, so many dreams. So many fears.

It would be easier just to watch tv everyday and take care of the cooking and the house and the kids, and think, because I don't have the ideal situation, the ideal place, the ideal time, I should put off going for those dreams.

But, over the past few years, I've watched myself give up opportunities. I've watched myself put things off for some time later when it will all work so much better. I've watched myself pretend that I was being wise by putting things off, instead of being bok bok chicken.

I'm learning that this is the life I have, and it will never be ideal, so I might as well not wait to get going.

The time is now. There is no time but the present. A stitch in time saves nine, yadda yadda.

There are so many trite phrases about this because it is so true and so common.

So now I'm left with questions...

What steps do I take first?
How do I make sure I am staying on task?
How do I manage the doing of the living in the living of the living.... uh oh, I fear I am already rationalizing myself out of doing the things I need to.

What are the tasks YOU'VE been putting off, hoping for a better day?

Wouldn't it be best if you just did them, and started living in that better day, instead of waiting for it to come to you?


alisha said...

i've definitely been putting off my jewelry making, my novel, and my education. i've been using motherhood, money (the lack thereof), and time to keep me from pursuing those dreams. i am going to try the best i can though to work on all of these, little bits at a time.

Lisa said...

YES!! Oh, how I understand.

Isn't it funny how that sense of empowerment, the realization of the truth behind those cliches, and the energy to take even one step seems to wax and wane? Some days I am more than happy to let the kids play after school while I craft away, while others I sit and stare dreamily at the craft materials while we all huddle on the couch and watch t.v.

These days I find myself with too many thoughts, too many little projects on the backburner, and it takes everything I have just to DO something. So I think one step - just one actual step towards doing IT (whatever it may be) - is plenty. Then the next step, in whatever direction the soul pulls you in that moment, and the next...

Hybrid J said...

You're spot on again about "putting off" ... when I'm in that situation (which happens as often as breathing!), I try to follow one of my creative / life essentials: do what you can, where you are with what you have.

Thank you soooo much for sharing tips on avoiding streaking. Your advice came on time as I'm to finish a drawing this week. And this drawing has quite a few large areas which needs coloring. Again, thanks heaps! :)

jess gonacha swift said...

Oh gosh, YES. I put things off all the top. At the top of my list these days: the dentist. It's been years, and I'm terrified. It would be so much better if I just went already. Thanks for the reminder to quit being a big old chicken!

khairun said...

I've recently been saying to myself 'This is where I need to be'. If the house is a mess but I'm sitting in front of the tv in my pjs, then so be it. I'll just have that time for me and not spoil things by feeling like I ought to be doing something else. Of course, there are times when I really could be doing something else. Something better, something more productive. I'm making a cup of tea when I should be writing, I'm chatting to a friend when I should be painting something. But this happens so often, the putting off, to so many of us, that I'm starting to think that maybe putting things off is a totally natural human thing to do.
There must be a healthy reason for it. Maybe we do it, because something inside of us is telling us to slow down. Let the goals and dreams simmer alittle. Have some time to do ordinary, mundane things for a while.
Hmmmm, you got me thinking, once again!

Ashley Inzer said...

yes yes yes i can absolutely relate to this! You said it all so beautifully. Thank you!

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