Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dusty Critters

The other night (last night? the night before? I don't know, it's all blended together) I decided to try making a little tiny dog, like my almost five year old asked me too. I've never made a dog. So I thought, hmmmph... how shall I do this?

I sketched out the pattern above on my graph paper, and added a kitty, just in case the first plan didn't work out.

Well. After cutting and sewing, snipping off a little extra fabric here, taking some stitches there for the correct shape, adding ears and sculpting with thread and needle, here is my first attempt at mini stuffed animals!Yay!

I call him Dusty Puppy. Partly because he looks like a little dust bunny/puppy, and partly because he looks a little bit like a wire haired terrier... which reminded me of the puppy that we adopted from the streets of the Bronx when I was ten. Her name was Dusty.

Here's is Dusty Puppy's buddy, Dusty Kitty. They like to play together. I'm still working on making their faces look more kitty and puppy like, but I think they're pretty cute, wonkiness and all.

When the kids woke up, they started demanding all sorts of things. The puppy was hungry. He needed a bowl of water. No a bone. Now he needed a dog house. Now he needed a collar and leash. "Aren't you done with his doghouse yet?"


So by the next night, I added a new Dusty Puppy. This one has a better looking face, and glass bead eyes... although I did still have to take stitches to keep his legs from splaying out.

Here's Ivy who couldn't wait for me to finish my photo shoot and decided it was time to play. She has demanded another kitty, too. At least she's let me alone about the mermaid for a while.

So this has been my last couple of days. I call it my Mommy Sweatshop. They have really put me to work, and won't let me sell any of the puppies/kitties on etsy.

"NOOOOOO! My kitty! My puppy!"

Sigh. Must go. Break time is over.

Back to work.


Brooke said...

Oh my gosh these are really to die for. I love them!

nanke's stuff said...

These are just adorable! No wonder Ivy loves them. I do too! lol nancy

Lisa said...

Wow - how cute!! And you made the pattern just by a sketch? I am so impressed!! These are simply amazing.

Hah - I'm on break too! The bosses have gotten a little more lenient since we pulled some more toys out of the garage, but they are slave drivers none-the-less. Good luck....crap. Back to work.

Michelle | When I Grow Up said...

You have the best job ever! And hello - big props for making the dog even though you've never made a dog before. He's adorable & so are all of his accessories!

Lulu said...

awwww these are so adorably cute! =]

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