Monday, September 07, 2009

The Last Drawings before the Finale, 97-99/100

Good Morning


Woo Hoo! Getting Close. Tomorrow is day 100 of 100 in 100 days creative challenge.

I can't believe I am actually going to have 100 paintings/drawing in those 100 days. Can't believe it's over. Can't believe it just takes each single day's effort to reach the big goal. There's a lesson there in achieving our goals.

100 pieces of art seems impossible until you actually just go one by one.

I'll be honest, I didn't always paint or draw every day. Sometimes I did two or three in one day and then took off the next few days. And if it weren't for allowing a wider range of art into my count, I don't know if I would have achieved my goal.

But I think widening my definition expanded my creativity and my ability as an artist. It definitely gave me a larger vocabulary.

I am freer now than I was before.

Ow! Ace Bandage


Back when I was only painting Flying Girls, I got a lot out of going deep into one theme. I was allowed to explore that one idea and develop my style and the things I loved. I think I developed a me as an artist.

But I think as that went on, I started to feel trapped by what was once a comfortable boundary. I got bored of flying girl. Now, boredom in itself is not a bad thing. Because it can make you try new things. I found different ways to interpret Flying Girl and make her exciting. But then I got even more bored and I realized it was time to move on.

I've done Flying Girls and moved into the Traveling paintings. Wreck This Journal allowed me to expand beyond my expectations and go off into new/old directions. I did some flowers that allowed me to indulge my doodle urge and my love of patterns and detail. I did the more realistic drawings of things in my daily life and re entered the world of art journaling... which I used to be completely into and have recently abandoned. And these last few days I've been having fun with these "What I Wore Today" illustrations. My love of fashion returns. Not that you can tell with my I-just-threw-it-on outfits.

Today's Word is Sparkle


These are fun. I don't expect them to be heavy or weighty or even all that meaningful. They make a neat way to document my life for a period of time. And Ivy loves to watch me draw them. In fact, I think she did her own version.

Mama, Gabriel and Ivy
By Ivy
chalk on chalkboard

I particularly like the pointy head and mouth that runs from side to side w little google eyes. LOL.

I'm going to save anymore writing about it and work on finishing tomorrows painting. Number 100. I have the background painted, but I am a little intimidated. I think I want it to be SPECIAL. I don't want it to suck. I am afraid I will ruin #100. Thus, I freeze.

Another lesson. Lower the stakes. 99 didn't bother me. Nor 38. But 100 is momentous and I'm trying to be momentous.

Just be, chickadee.

Just be.


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hey, pretty lady! How on earth did we get here already, with day 100 only hours away?

I know exactly what you mean about wanting the 100th to be special. My day 100 will actually be one of my busiest days yet--taking care of friends' 8-month-old while moving my great aunt into a new assisted living facility. I doubt I'll much feel like creating my page, let alone making it special--so I probably won't. Instead, it will be an "every day" page, just like many of the rest...and some of those are my favorites. I'm learning that just carving out the time, putting my hand to the page, MAKING time for what matters to me--that's what really has been so soul-satisfying these 100 days. Saying that what I do is important. What I am is important. What I am becoming.

Thank you so much for this time. It's been incredible. I wrote a guest blog about the experience for Darrah of Artcetera, which will be published on the 15th. It was eye-opening to look back over this time.

I love your "this is what I wore" pieces--so breezy and full of life.

Hybrid J said...

What a fantastic achievement of the 100th drawing in 100 days! And glad that you not only enjoyed the process but also been able to expanded your creative horizon. So much to learn from your experience and thanks for sharing! :D

Inner Toddler said...

this is amazing. I actually recently made MORE time for myself to paint and I'm painting less. WTF! This is a wonderful accomplishment. I'm very impressed. go celebrate mama!

aquamaureen said...

"Just be, chickadee." I'm so proud of all of us. I am stunned that I have actually painted for 99 days in a row. I'm exhilarated that some days, I HAD to paint more 'cause one wasn't enough. Yes, I, too, want Day 100 to be momentous . . . but actually, I think the miracle is ME---these 99days have unleashed a part of me I didn't even know existed before. Did you ever think, Rowena, that your "one idea" could be soooooooooooooo important????? How do I say thank you big enough???

Heather Jerdee said...

Rowena your are one inspiring lady :) I've been enjoying following along. As a mom too it is so great to be able to relate to other artist mothers. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

And congratulations on your accomplishment. It's an awesome one!!!

KathrynAntyr said...

How impressive to do 100 drawings in 100 days. You are all warmed up for the November Create Each Day challenge that Leah hosts. I'll try to keep up with you. {wink} k

Kirby3131 said...

I was in WTJ and always enjoyed your posts - I'm glad to see that you have achieved your goal of 100 in 100. (I'm back posting because you mentioned WTJ in this post)

I really like these clothes and todays word - Sparkle. That was my "write this word over and over" LOL How fun!

Have a great day!
Kristin - The Goat

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