Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Interlude

The boy in the rain. I safe inside behind a screen door.

You know what?

I have the flu still.

I may not still be sick-sick, but I am recovering. There is a reason for my exhaustion and short temper and body aches. I'm sick.

So today you get a pic that's a few weeks old.

I'm going to chill.

It's important that we learn to take breaks and relax, and understand our own human frailties. don't push so hard.

Take it easy, ma peeps. I'm going to.


jena strong said...

Hope you start feeling better soon - and I'm glad to hear you are letting yourself rest. I love this image and to me who knew it was three weeks old. It's got a surreal quality to it.


Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Little boy in the rain...beautiful image.

Mind, body and soul...all need a break to feel better soon.

m. heart said...

I've been interluding too this week. I hope you feel better soon.

This image is just lovely!

Lisa said...

I love the photo! Good for you for recognizing the need to take care of yourself...I hope beautiful health returns soon enough.

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