Monday, June 01, 2009

The Official Rules of the 100 in 100 Creative Challenge

100 in 100 Challenge

I do hereby accept the challenge of 100 in 100. I will attempt to create 100 (enter your choice of creative something) in 100 days to the best of my ability.

I will create a system that works for my creativity in my life. My 100 in 100 challenge will support my own personal creative goals, whether that is to have a body of finished work or to discover my media or to practice my craft or to explore the inner workings of my soul or to just live a creative life, whatever that might mean to me.

I will keep track of my 100 in 100 project in some form, whether online or in real life. Just so that I can document the journey, witness where I began, and recognize how far I will have come by the end of the project. No one else has to see my documentation unless I want to share my projects. But I am also free to share every last creation if that is what I want.

I will have fun! Because creating is fun! This is play! But at the same time, I will be on the look out for the fears and demons that might try to stop me from creating, and I will dismiss/destroy/ignore/conquer said demons so that I may continue the real fun of my creation.

Finally and most importantly, I hereby promise to break any and all of the above mentioned rules and any self imposed expectations if they get in the way of my creativity, because the point of the 100 in 100 project is not to follow the rules or win some award or even actually create 100 things in 100 days, but is in fact to expand and explore my own creativity and encourage growth in myself.

I do solemnly swear to give it a try.

(If this sounds good to you, leave your name and blog link, and anything you'd like to add or subtract from the rules in the comments. Really, it's your project.)

for more thoughts on beginning this challenge, look here and here.


Anonymous said...

I'm in! Okay, I'm already 70 days in on writing a poem a day, but I'm hereby committing to the next 30. It's opening up amazing things in my mind, heart, soul and life.


Jul said...

I'm in, too! Have already started a list to keep myself accountable, and I'll be sharing some of my creations on my blog.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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