Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beep Bop and Bop Beep

Flying Alien Says Happy Birthday, or Our Friend Beep Bop
016/100 in 100 Creative Challenge 6/16/09
Golden Fluid Acrylic on Moleskine Watercolor paper, 5x8"

Thinking about birthdays... my son's birthday is coming up, and we are having an early party for him before his father leaves on a trip.

I decided that I would paint him a picture, and all sorts of prompts came together into this painting. The IMT prompt of Child's Play, the totally optional Creative Everyday June prompt of sound, since this is a character from our bedtime story telling. And also, my first entry into the etsy bloggers group, whose biweekly theme is Birthdays.

He's asked for berry cake, ice cream cones, chicken nuggets, french fries and juice. Oh and presents.

And of course, what one child has, the other child must have, too, so I painted a companion piece. Beep Bop's sister Bop Beep, for Gabriel's sister Ivy.
Flying Alien Brings Ice Cream Cones, or Our Friend Bop Beep
017/100 in 100 Creative Challenge 6/16/09
Golden Fluid Acrylic on Moleskine Watercolor paper, 5x8"

I think I will tell a story where Beep Bop and Bop Beep come down from outers pace, and Gabriel and Ivy give them presents.... perhaps one gets a tshirt w a picture of a human boy, and one gets a green and purple tutu.

Tonight, instead of an alien story, I told a story about pirates and pirate ghosts. What can I say, it was an audience request.


Christy said...

I love Bop Beep! These paintings show your fun spirit! Hope to see more of these..

Leone said...

Happy Birthday Gabriel. I absolutely love these pictures. They have made my day, so much fun.

Shell said...

These are adorable. They are aliens I have a good time with! Happy Birthday to your son.

Maia said...

How lovely presents.
Happy birthday to your Gabriel.

Arlene said...

These are so cute!!! I'm sure they will be loved and treasured!


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