Friday, June 26, 2009

Flying Girl and the Bears, or The Storyteller

Flying Girl and the Bears, or The Storyteller
021/100 in 100 creative challenge, 6/21/09
Golden Fluid Acrylic, watercolor pencil, Pitt artist pen on watercolor paper, 5x8"

This painting is mainly inspired by a story my son told. The story is the text behind the girl.

He dictated it to me and I wrote it out as a gift to papa for Father's Day.

Here is the story.

One day, Gabriel and Ivy were walking with mommy and WaWa and Papa. Grandma and Grandpa and Kevin were driving.

Then everybody came to the house.

There was a bear. The bear said go away.

Then Grandma and Grandpa and Kevin and WaWa and Mama and Papa and Gabriel and Ivy went away.

The bear was still in the cave.

Everybody went to Grandma's house. Then Grandma and Grandpa and Kevin came to our house.

Three bears were in the house. The bears said go away. Everybody went away.

There was another bear at grandma's. The bears took over the houses.

Everyone went to a faraway place where there were no bears!

They found a new house. A cozy house with kitties and dogs and everybody lived happily ever after. Everybody loved all day.


If you'll notice, this painting is out of order, and delayed. Life has been a little topsy turvy lately here.

S went out to California to get us all set up out there. The plans are afoot for our move at the end of the summer... hopefully. This is big news but still in the distance.

You get the theme of moving in G's story, right? And the new house with no bears where everybody loved all day? And puppies and kittens? So apparently it's on every one's mind.

When I painted this, I didn't really have time or energy or ideas, so I just went with G's story, which had just been created that day.

I'm still learning how to balance this art stuff with this mothering stuff and all the other stuff of being alive. It's kind of complicated and kind of overwhelming. But I'm working on it.

If I'm a little off with posting or painting, it's because I am trying to create a new routine for myself that with smooth out my rough edges. I'm trying to recommit to my projects and business and movement forward. I'm trying to figure out my goals and break them down into baby steps and set up a schedule for myself.

You see, my brain is pretty organic and messy, but in order to move forward, I need to have mental order. So I do a lot of lists and writing and thinking and pile making.

I first started writing a journal, actually, at the age of 12 because I knew I had a messy mind and I wanted to remember things.


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Ha! I was just chatting with Natasha the other day about how odd it is when artists end up on the same wavelength, out of the blue. The new technique I was hinting at in my blog was beginning to use text in a more graphic manner--such as, in the background of a piece.

Ahem. So, I like this Flying Girl. Obviously. :)

Wow--moving to California, huh? Congrats...who knows what new opportunies will open up for you.

elk said...

it is a tenuous balance
from one day to the next
we all feel it at different
levels at various times

Arlene said...

I love that you are grappling with the busy-ness in your life, something I do as well even though I bring on the busy-ness myself. I have a quiet household - myself at home, kids grown up, husband at work all day. I do enjoy the quiet and then I put myself into challenges that eat up all this delicious time I have. Must be my growth urges pushing me on.

Routines are hard for me unless they are ones I just naturally fall into. I do admire you for doing what you can to create them so you can feel more order in your life.

I love your new flying girl too, with the words in the background - kind of like an art journaling technique I have used in my journal, and I like it a lot!

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