Monday, June 01, 2009

100 in 100 Challenge Officially Begins

Flying Girl out of Chaos and into the Light, or A Beginning
Golden Fluid Acrylics and watercolor pencil on Moleskine paper 5x8"

I must report, dear friends, that I am experiencing quite a bit of resistance already.

I did my painting last night (the night before counts as my day, since I don't get to do much doing the day with the kids running around-- that's one of the ways I break my rules to fit my life) and couldn't bear to finish it. So I finished it this morning. I didn't want to do any prep work on my blog this weekend, getting the side bar up and ready for the project. I didn't even want to post this entry.


Always before, when I've started big projects, I get excited and jump out of the gate ready to go, speeding along until week 2 or so. This time, perhaps I already know what this kind of challenge will be like, and I am not as excited. But on the plus side, I do kind of like the painting I did.

Or perhaps it's a function of using this challenge to kick myself in the rear end and get painting again. I am already in a slump and trying to climb out of it, instead of storing up my energy for a couple of weeks before beginning, as I do when I start nanowrimo in November.

But I did it. I showed up to the paper and I showed up to the blog. I suppose I personally am going to try to post everyday on the blog, but that is not the goal, so if I only post a painting without text sometimes, or post two paintings on one entry and skip a day, then so be it.

I do want to be here for you guys riding along, though. Especially on this first day.

I have some ideas for supporting folks in their personal challenges. Let me tell you what I'm thinking and you can tell me if you like these ideas.

* I'm thinking of creating some prompt tiles. 100 of them. Kind of like things you would find on one of the creative challenge sites/blogs, but rather than going to the site, you would just pull them out of a jar or bag. Some of you might have seen my tiles already. I think a 100 days set would be cool. Any time you were wanting for inspiration you could just pull one of the tiles and go from there. I'd sell them in my etsy shop, so you could have your own set with instructions and perhaps some exercises for creativity.

*Another thing I'm thinking of creating for the 100 in 100 Challenge is a log sheet so that we can keep track of what we accomplish, ideas for projects, steps we have taken, fears we have confronted, places we would like to go. This also could be for sale in my shop. It would be hand drawn and illustrated, because I like to track things and make charts and doodle. I'm just like that.

* I'm also thinking of setting up a ning community so people could congregate and ask for help or share their processes or successes or struggles. Or just jibber jabber. Sometimes a bit of jibber jabber breaks the stuck free.

*Also, if anyone gets stuck in their project and wants some advice, you can email me at rowena (dot) murillo (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will try to help. Or if you just want to chat, for that matter.

*oh, and this isn't really an idea, more a request. I have a list of ten or so names of people who'd like to join along, but some people I'm not so sure they're ready to commit, and some people I'm not quite sure which blog they'd like me to link to on my side bar.... so, this is the official post for those who want to take up the 100 in 100 challenge. Leave the name you want to go by and a link to the blog you want attached to the project. Right here. Or email me, I suppose.

As part of the officialness-- Here are the Official Rules:

100 in 100 Challenge

I do hereby accept the challenge of 100 in 100. I will attempt to create 100 (enter your choice of creative something) in 100 days to the best of my ability.

I will create a system that works for my creativity in my life. My 100 in 100 challenge will support my own personal creative goals, whether that is to have a body of finished work or to discover my media or to practice my craft or to explore the inner workings of my soul or to just live a creative life, whatever that might mean to me.

I will keep track of my 100 in 100 project in some form, whether online or in real life. Just so that I can document the journey, witness where I began, and recognize how far I will have come by the end of the project. No one else has to see my documentation unless I want to share my projects. But I am also free to share every last creation if that is what I want.

I will have fun! Because creating is fun! This is play! But at the same time, I will be on the look out for the fears and demons that might try to stop me from creating, and I will dismiss/destroy/ignore/conquer said demons so that I may continue the real fun of my creation.

Finally and most importantly, I hereby promise to break any and all of the above mentioned rules and any self imposed expectations if they get in the way of my creativity, because the point of the 100 in 100 project is not to follow the rules or win some award or even actually create 100 things in 100 days, but is in fact to expand and explore my own creativity and encourage growth in myself.

I do solemnly swear to give it a try.

(If this sounds good to you, leave your name and blog link, and anything you'd like to add or subtract from the rules in the comments. Really, it's your project.)

for more thoughts on beginning this challenge, look here and here.

Okay! Fun Time Proceed! How are YOU doing?


Girlie-Queue said...

Shamsi here - totally loving the idea of your 100 for 100 and do hereby solemnly set my intention! :) Thanks love, awesomeness!

ina said...

I'm in. And I've already done one day in a row! :-)


Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

Beverley Baird said...

Hi Rowena. I've made it through Day 1! (only 99 more to go!
Had fun with art today.
Looking forward to the challenge ahead.

justagirl said...

wow I am impressed!!! that is a lot of painting! I am going to be watching this!!!

sema said...

A great idea 100 in 100 and would love to join the journey.But,i may join a little later as I want to be more clear on what I want to do.Let me take inspiration from the other participants to get myself into the journey!

Suz said...

I am inspired by the prompt tiles idea!

Goddess Leonie * said...

how completely exciting... i wonder what beauty will unravel, unveil and blossom during your 100 days??


aquamaureen said...

I'm definitely in. Already working on Day 2. My commitment is: play with watercolor. And the big part, for me: post each day on my blog. That part is because I have already heard myself begin to diminish what I do as "not really art." So whatEVER I play each day will be honored by being posted. I'm AquaMaureen, at

Rowena, a mazillion thanks for this idea.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Have to post quickly--will come back to catch up more when I have more time and energy. I'm also 2 for 2--woohoo. ;) I'm in this one all the way. Can't wait to meet the rest of our participants.


and a hearty THANK YOU to the fearless (or fearful but willing to push ahead anyway) Rowena :)

Marta said...

I love the picture with this post.

In the meantime--remember your own rule to have fun. I'm not signing up. It isn't right for me at this time, but it is a great idea. I'll enjoy checking in and seeing how you and others are doing.

Arlene / Spirit Essence Art said...

Wow, Rowena! You are brave! And so are the other people who have posted here and committed to it. I am being drawn into this... and I have a tendency to over-commit. However, that being said - I'M IN! WoooHooo! As long as it is not too late to join in, it already being day 3 I think. I KNOW it will be good for my creative soul to commit to creating every day! I will create either a watercolor or artist journal page every day. No excuses, no chicken exits. Even if it is just a few strokes on a page. I am Arlene of Spirit Essence Art.

Natasha said...

Rowena - as I read this I am already 5 days behind BUT I feel I need would it be ok for me to join?? I really want to try to do this....this is a fantastic idea and it might help me to focus on bringing my dream to life....

Natasha said...

Oh and a BIG YES to the tiles :) They are amazing!!

Coreopsis said...

Hi Rowena--I love this idea here. I'm not going to do it now because I'm going to be going out of town to a music and dance camp, and thus will not be able to, but after both of those, perhaps yes. The commitment seems important.

Jul said...

What a great idea - sign me up! This sounds like just the challenge I need to get back in my painting groove.

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