Saturday, April 15, 2006

Things That Make Me Happy, 11 through 20

11—A junky street in Williamsburg lined with green/white flowering trees. Like frosting for old tenements and factories and cement. Proof that Spring is coming—and something that Gabriel has never seen

12—Walking down Bedford Avenue on the first really warm day of Spring.

13—Running into people I know and stopping to have conversations with them on the street.

14—Outdoor cafes.

15—Flip flops, and being able to wear them outside.

16—Stopping in a thrift store to browse and finding brand new storage baskets for $3.50

17—Watching Gabriel learn how to stand… particularly when he uses a sleeping Papa as his ladder/prop. First he grabs hold, then he gets his feet under him and sticks his butt up in the air, then he pulls up with his arms until he is looming over sleeping Papa. Then he stands there, wiggling his butt around and talking to himself.

18—Gabriel talking. “Dai dai dai dai. Ya ya, thhhhhpppppppbbbtt. Aaaaah. Dai dai. Thhhhpppbbbttt!”

19—That Gabriel falls asleep listening to Bob Marley.

20—Coffee with cream and sugar. That’s all. It’s the simple things.

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